Amazing Patterns for Crochet Amigurumi & Toys

Autumn Girls crochet pattern

When you know how to crochet, why not to crochet Amigurumi & toys for the kids in the home that they will surely love. It is a good item for gifting as well because the toys that can be crocheted with the amazing patterns presented here are not available in the market, so it will […]

Awesome Amigurumies, The Japanese Art of Crocheting


The famous art of Amigurumies is one biggest Japanese art that every crochet fan can easily follow but needs a lot of hard work. Amigurumi is the art of making small creatures with the help of crochet. It is a great way of enjoying yourself and making the best small creatures with fun. Amigurumi crochet […]

50 Free Crochet Patterns for Amigurumi Toys


When I presented these crocheted amigurumi toy ideas I really had no idea that you are going to love them so much, even to the extent that my feedback portion would literally be flooded with comments of appreciation and gratitude as well. So this is the thing that keeps me and my team motivated and […]

30 Plus Free Crochet Amigurumi Patterns


I think the frequency of the amigurumi projects, and the number of times that we have tried and presented them right here on this platform, almost all of you who regularly visit this website have become pretty familiar with them. And it is always great to crochet them, and the good thing is that this […]

Charming Amigurumi Free Crochet Patterns


Hello you all beautiful ladies, are you all awake? Well, it doesn’t matter even if you aren’t at all because you can always check this all out later on some other part of the day too. But those who are already there, do tell me how many of your are familiar with a famous Japanese […]