Stunning Dreamcatchers Crocheted by Brenda Donals

crochet dreamcatcher 4

As there are different myths and different beliefs of the individuals living in different parts of the world, American Indians believe that creating or owning a dream catcher give good dreams to the owner; so they are created in different colors. Some people crochet the Dreamcatchers with their own hand because they want to see […]

Enhance The Beauty of Tables with Crochet Table Runners

crochet table runner 6

Crocheting is a technique that assists in making the home look different because not all of the individuals know how to crochet and most of the homeowners don’t pay focus on using the knitted items to adorn the home. So, learning this technique is a good idea for those who love to impress others with […]

Awesome Design Ideas for Crochet Bedspreads


There is no limit when it comes to creating the products of daily use with the yarns as a person who likes to crochet knows how to use the hook for crocheting the blanket and prepare the crochet bedspread. A person who doesn’t posses the skill of crocheting can’t imagine how much amazing things a […]

Design Inspirations for Crocheted Rugs


Rugs have always stayed in limelight when it comes to the decoration of the home interior. If we go out there in the market, we are provided with a large range of differently made rugs that range from average to pretty high prices. But trust me none of them is cheap. But how would it […]

Easy to Make Free Crochet Cushion Patterns


I really like the passion of all house ladies who are always craving for some different ideas to make their house more beautiful and distinguished. Some among them resort to the professionals, spend bunches of bucks in this regard and get something that is already in the market and many can bring these ideas home. […]

Simply Amazing Crocheted Blankets


Before we start the discussion on these crocheted blankets, I want you to tell me that how many among you have tried some of the earlier crochet blanket projects that we have presented in the past? Like just a couple of weeks ago, I had a very encouraging a cheering feedback from your side showing […]

Cute Crocheted Rug


Last month when I presented some of the best afghan crochet patterns of the rugs, I was asked to bring on some more. So that really shows that ladies have really got deep interest in the decoration and interior designing of their homes. Well, I am not a sexist, but let me take the freedom […]

Crochet Carpet Ovals


When we talk about the home interior and decor, we are actually referring to a pretty wide spread topic which could have numerous repercussions if not planned very appropriately. So I would say it is a very sensitive issue, and you just cannot take chances unless you are not pretty sure about something. Let’s put […]

Stunning Crochet Bathroom


Well, I know I am bringing a bit too much crocheted products especially for the bathrooms but that doesn’t mean at all that I really like to spend most of my time there. Although I still confess that I prefer reading newspaper there in the morning. That is why I feel much for the ones […]

Crocheted Rug Carpet


Well, some out of you might really think that how far have we gone for the crochet creations like we started from mere typical and usual creations knitted by the smart crafters, and at this point of time we are talking about a whole wide spread crochet rug carpet. This could be a bit astonishing […]