30 Amazing Crochet Blanket Inspirations


As the winter season is rushing so fast we are hell bent on making all the necessary arrangements to cope with any extreme weather conditions. When it comes to the clothing and the indoor used accessories the first and foremost things are considered to be the winter coping blankets and quilts etc. but in the beginning we don’t like to have proper quilts, we feel sweaty and heavy in them in the moderate winter season. So an idea just struck to my mind to bring you people 30 amazing crochet blanket inspirations. So have a look on them I hope you would enjoy them.


The very first in the range is a delicate light blue based blanket that has got the prints of several dog breeds. This is done to make it more attractive and to make it much familiar with you. Kids are just going to love this delicate piece of crochet art.

Vivienne Jackson: I haven’t got any crochet on the go at the moment, busy knitting, but here is a blanket I made earlier this year.

The second one here is the courtesy of Wendi Chong who is an amateur crochet crafter and keeps bringing us many inspirational crochet projects. And today she has brought us a pink dominated shells blanket. This is named as this because of the tiny prints looking like shells.

Wendi Chong: My 3rd beautiful shells blanket

Here is another smart crochet made blanket that has used the light red as the base thread. And other than this base shade we see the bright white shade dominating the project in the shape of floral prints. Single thick stitch pattern is applied on the whole of the project.

Created & Shared by: Wendi Chong

And here is something exclusive for your kids. This blanket is shaped being inspired by the mermaid, do you remember that famous character that belongs to deep waters? It has got a proper tail like her and the color combination of thread shades is also applied accordingly.

Finished my first mermaid blanket with MJs off the hook design pattern. I think she loves it!!!!  already have ppl asking for one but I have no idea what to charge?? I used nearly 11 skeins of charisma. Courtney Chegwin


Finally finished. One of my volunteer drivers who takes me to my treatments wanted me to make a blanket for her granddaughter. Hope she likes.  Renaissance Knight

And here we see a blanket done with crochet in multiple stitch designs where we see a mixed of several designs that are applied here. Also a number of crochet threads are used in it but still the crafter has maintained to give it a lighter tone which would be perfect for the winter season.

Here’s my latest big blanket for Mission Without Borders – a mixture of patterns, done Mile-A-Minute style  Jane Major

This one done by the Sindy is again the reflection of her taste and priorities keeping in view the demand of the day. She has tried to implement the most popular color combinations just to give it a livelier touch, and she really has done a great job.


While this one is rather a simple and single thread shaded blanket which would be ideal while sitting on couches watching movies or just reading your favorite novel. The color it has got would complement all the surroundings no matter what paint color your walls have got or what color scheme is there on your furniture range.

Shared by: Sandy Caron 

While this one is rather a simple and single thread shaded blanket which would be ideal while sitting on couches watching movies or just reading your favorite novel. The color it has got would complement all the surroundings no matter what paint color your walls have got or what color scheme is there on your furniture range.

Just finished my very first C2C twin size blanket. Now to decide on the border. Maybe a picot?  Irene Stock

And I am sure you are going to acclaim these bobble blankest I guess especially done for the kids in the house. All the famous thread shades that are adored by the kids are applied here. And the numbers crocheted on it would rather help kids with their studies as well. So overall a literary crocheted effort I would say.

Love my knitting and crochet. Have been doing lots of these bobble blankets recently. Looking forward to seeing all your work  Catherine Gray

Awwww… this one is really so cute. Looking at the design and also the size this is pretty obvious that this is done for your little angel. This mermaid inspired crochet pattern has got a very pretty pink tail and on the top it has got a silken ribbon as well.

Mermaid blanket for my niece. I did the border in pink satin ribbon and added a bow. Blanket is MJ off the hook pattern and tail is crochet by Jennifer pattern.  Karen Teague Strand

While here the bright white flowers crocheted on the blanket throughout are more prominent and literally dominating the whole of the project. Again the color selection is very damn interesting.

Created & Shared by:  Susan Metzger Blazek
i did this one a few ago and love it, i done it with king cole binends dk in white, and i love the binends so so soft to work with,  Rachel Allen

And what about this dull shaded crocheted blanket? Well, I would say that the thread shade combination is pretty in accordance to the season. Double round thick and half double stitch pattern seems to be dominating the whole project here. The curved border adds much class to this knitted beauty.

Loving the beautiful shells blanket and it works up so quickly Sue Epton

And this one is probably going to be the biggest blanket crocheted in the entire range. It is obviously going to leave you exhausted and you would also be in dire need of ample supplies, but in the end it is going to be very fruitful let me remind you.

One more section to do and border, omg biggest blanket I’ve ever done, never ever again lol, but my daughter loves it x  Dawn Glover

This one looks more like decent napkin or dining table accessory s it has got a very fascinating motif on the upper corner. We have had a detailed article on making these multi dimensional embellishment flowers a few days back. And the on the other hand the color combination is also very attractive as well.

Created & Shared by:  orchid Gutiérrez
This is the third virus blanket I have made recently…this one is made with Caron Cakes Jellyroll…I still have to put 2 more balls of yarn into this one.  Teresa Hawton
Created & Shared by:  Nancy Lamotte
Here’s my blanket i have done.  Aistė Narkevičiūtė
Just finish crocheting a baby blanket for my nephew. Giana Cruz
Created & Shared by: Sally Hammond

One could certainly ask that why this stag print was needed on this crocheted blanket? Well, there could be a number of reasons behind this but for the time being we have to focus on the stitch pattern and the color scheme being implemented here.

Created & Shared by: Crystal L Franks
This is the Baby Blanket I just finished for my new Grandson who’s due Valentine’s Day, wasn’t sure if we were having a boy or a girl when I started …. once we knew it was a boy I trimmed it with a straight single crochet stitch … I did 5 rows each a different colour ~ I LOVE the way it turned out! … if it had been a girl I had planned on trimming it with a rainbow coloured ruffle.  Gail Lucier-Nantais
This is my finished c2c blanket I made for a baby boy. Carrie St Julien

Look at the delighted woman, she seems so satisfied after getting this awesome piece of crochet art done. She is certainly justified because in the end her effort has really paid off very well. Different shades of green along with a couple of other thread shades have left a very inspirational impact on the blanket.

Created & Shared by: Aruna Hosmani
Created & Shared by: Liann Duffy
Completed my first ever blanket! Im very proud of myself. I have never completed any crochet project. My little girl is very happy with it. Amberleigh Renee’ Bowers
I was asked to make a rainbow blanket for a lady to give to her rainbow baby for his first birthday. This is what I came up with. Any suggestions on how much I should charge her for it?  Anne-Marie Carey-Goodwin

And in the end I would love to finish the article on this commendable piece of art where the blanket seems to be assembled with various small squared made with different thread shades separately. The stitch pattern is easy and simple and the color combination is simply out of this world.

Created & Shared by: Turid Aaslid
Well my Granny is 89 years old and today she’s gave me this, I love to crochet and my Granny does too, today we have spoke about her mum so my Great Granny, and how she made this blanket, which my Granny has passed on to me! I’m am so happy right now it’s lovely! This blanket is about 50 years old! What I’d like to know is does anybody know what the stitch is that my great granny has used? Feel so blessed to have this passed down to me.  Sarah Purnell


Created & Shared by:  Connie Gereaux