Creative Design Ideas for Crocheted Baby Blankets


Babies need to be kept warm in the winter season more than adults because they are sensitive and the chances of getting sick are more in babies, so they should be properly wrapped or covered to keep them away from sickness. The blankets of many materials are available in the markets for the babies, but you can also crochet baby blankets at home with the yarn color selection of your choice. For the baby girls, pink or purple is adorable while for the boys; blue or green looks perfect. Here are some creative design ideas for crocheting baby blankets.

Creative Design Ideas for Crocheted Baby Blankets

Let us start with an amazing crocheting idea for baby blanket for which 3 colors are used and they are looking nice with each other. The hat is also crocheted with the same color combination. White, gray and maroon is an amazing combination and you can see it yourself.

crocheted baby blankets 1
Crocheted & Shared by: Gordon Elizabeth Snyder

Here is another baby blanket crocheting idea for which light colors are used, it is created with the floral pattern; so it is great for the baby girl because they are sensitive like the flowers. The white base is making the other color prominent.

crocheted baby blankets 2
Crocheted & Shared by: Jane Mundy

Now the idea of baby blanket shown here is good for the boys, you can clearly see something is written by crocheting and the creator is free to write anything for which the crocheting skills are required. If someone wants to crochet this idea for a girl, the color combination can be changed.

crocheted baby blankets 3
Just finished this cot sized blanket for a friend’s first little grandson due in a few weeks. Another Jody Pyott pattern using Stylecraft special DK. Michelle Sharon Giuliani

A sober and inspiring crocheting idea is here, the color combination is awesome. 4 different crocheting yarns are utilized to create this amazing piece and it is great for both genders. So, no matter which gender is on its way; you can copy this idea before delivery.

crocheted baby blankets 4
Crocheted & Shared by: Amanda Snyder

Now here is an idea which can be copied if someone wants to wrap the baby at night time, unlimited colors are used for the designing of this idea. Small boxes are created on the whole blanket and the idea is looking nice, it can be crocheted for an adult as well.

crocheted baby blankets 5
I make use of my leftover yarns! Rina Danny Valdez

It is also an awesome crocheting idea for the baby blanket which is created with the square shapes in it, the color of every box is different and a few boxes are colored with different yarns which is making the blanket appealing.

crocheted baby blankets 6
Baby granny blanket with crochet bobble edging. Tina Chowles

Here is the blanket idea presented, which is crocheted with light and dark both yarn colors. The black color is complementing shocking pink color, the use of white and gray is looking outstanding. There are big and small square shapes with different design in every box. It can be crocheted for a girl as well as for a boy.

crocheted baby blankets 7
Crocheted & Shared by: Ana Alvarenga

In the end, the design we would like to present is zig-zag design of the baby blanket. The colors of the yarns are sober and good for the boys, but can be used for the girl. It is a great material to keep the baby warm, which is the most important thing in a winter season for the baby.

crocheted baby blankets 8
Crocheted & Shared by: Lisa Gibson


crocheted baby blankets 9
Crocheted & Shared by: Tamara Richardson


crocheted baby blankets 10
Crocheted & Shared by: Marie Harrington Contis


crocheted baby blankets 11
My precious 1 week old grandson in his sunshine owl blanket and little hat to match. Catherine Behan


crocheted baby blankets 12
Crocheted & Shared by: Darlene Dial


crocheted baby blankets 13
Crocheted & Shared by: Tina Golden


crocheted baby blankets 14
Baby blanket for my son from another mother. Design by Jody Pyott. Crocheted & Shared by: Miskell Connie


crocheted baby blankets 15
Finally completed The Alphabet blanket for my 13 month old daughter. This is my first ever blanket I made till date. I had never done blankets( I am crocheting from 1.5 years). She just loves it. I still need to give finishing work and block it. Waiting for a good weather, so that I can wash the blanket once and hang it out. Took good 2.5 months to complete. I just used to crochet one hour a day when my daughter slept. Lol. It’s just a small blanket measures 41″X 32″ including the border. Archana Umesh


crocheted baby blankets 16
Crocheted & Shared by: Debra Mcneill Clark


crocheted baby blankets 17
Crocheted & Shared by: Wendy Ferris