Cute Collection of Crochet Afghan Designs


Crocheting is an art which can be utilized for decorating the home in a unique way and it surely impress others. Crocheting not only allows a person to enhance the beauty of the home with the handmade items, but it also keeps a person engaged in the free time. The different attractive colors in which the yarns are available make the items appealing. For creating the inspiring crocheting ideas for the kids, funky colors can be used while sober colors are perfect for the adults. There are many items that can be created through crocheting and some of the impressive ideas are shown below.

Cute Collection of Crochet Afghan Designs

Let us start with an idea which can be copied as a table cloth or as a blanket for the kid. The color combination is good as a table cloth and if a person wants to copy this idea for the kid, then the colors should be bright.

crocheted afghan idea 4
Crocheted & Shared by: Joy Ann Buskirk

Now here is an idea with the circle design and the colors are looking nice on the white colored base. This is a good idea for creating a bedspread for the baby’s bed. This combination of color will look good for any gender.

crocheted afghan idea 2
Crocheted & Shared by: Claire Truesdale

If you don’t like to buy a bedspread for your kids from the market for the winter season because they don’t keep the body warm, then copy this idea for bedspread creation. It will not only look nice, but will keep the babies away from the cold air.

crocheted afghan idea 10
Crocheted & Shared by: Robert Pickerel

An impressive crocheting idea is here, it will look perfect if it is created for a long dining table. It will surely enhance the beauty of the area where the table is placed. If you want to copy this idea for a square table, then the shape can be turned square.

crocheted afghan idea 5
Crocheted & Shared by: Mandy Morley

The dark colors look better in winter season and the yarns work well in keeping the body warm, so a person should never ignore to use his/her hands for crocheting different things like this blanket for the kids to keep them fit and healthy in severe cold weather as well.

crocheted afghan idea 8
Crocheted & Shared by: Erica Peterson Baron

Now here you can see how the bedspread is looking when placed over the bed, this is adult’s bedroom. So, the colors used for crocheting the bedspread are sober as well as light which are making the area look awesome. The addition of gray color for creating boxes is adding grace to the crocheted piece.

crocheted afghan idea 13 - 2


crocheted afghan idea 13
Crocheted & Shared by: Ann Marie Burgess

The crocheting art can also be used for creating the piece for wrapping the baby. The color combination used for creation of this idea is both light and dark which is making the baby wrap amazing. White color is making the other color look prominent.

crocheted afghan idea 16
Crocheted & Shared by: Rhonda Hawks Hardin

In the end, we would love to show you an amazing crocheting idea for the kid’s room. The funky colors used for creating the blanket are making the room look appealing. The black colored yarn used for creating the border of the blanket is looking perfect for making the blanket look impressive and it is making the colors look appealing.

crocheted afghan idea 14
Crocheted & Shared by: J Bean Cogswell


crocheted afghan idea 1
Crocheted & Shared by: Diane Sault


crocheted afghan idea 3
Crocheted & Shared by: Doug Speeckaert


crocheted afghan idea 6
Crocheted & Shared by: Santina Davis


crocheted afghan idea 7
Crocheted & Shared by: Tamyko Ennis


crocheted afghan idea 9
Crocheted & Shared by: Pam LaPorte


crocheted afghan idea 11
Crocheted & Shared by: Hasna Kaddo


crocheted afghan idea 12
Crocheted & Shared by: Julie Stundahl


crocheted afghan idea 15
Crocheted & Shared by: Susan Hakey