Design Ideas for Crocheted Hand Bags


Hand bags are considered as an important part of fashion and they are liked by the girls to be carried as they believe that hand bags enhances their look when they have a hand bag matching with every dress. It is not mandatory to get a handbag from the store when a girl is not getting the bag in color matching or contrasting to the dress because it can be easily created at home with crocheting. See the inspiring crocheting ideas for hand bags creation that you will love to copy for your personal use.

Design Ideas for Crocheted Hand Bags

Let us begin presenting the ideas with a colorful hand bag that can be carried with any colored dress because it will look amazing with every other color. The bag requires the yarn of multiple colors and the blue colored yarn is used the most for creating this hand bag.

crocheted bag design ideas 15
Crocheted & Shared by: Carol Crites

Now here is a bag in black color with a little bit of other bright colors added to it. The straps to carry the bag also contain the other colors, but the base is black due to which the bag is looking unique. This can be used as college bag for placing the books.

crocheted bag design ideas 16
Crocheted & Shared by: Anne Holst Lundgren

The idea shown here is perfect for the kids; the bright colors used for its creation are good when it is not for an adult because sober colors are better for them. There is a small strap to hold the bag in hand.

crocheted bag design ideas 14
Crocheted & Shared by: Tanguy-Pamela Tintillier

The combination of yarn colors utilized for creating this bag is also great because the light and dark hue combination is making the bag look outstanding. The strap of the bag is created with unique design in mind which is containing the base color as well as the other colors that are used for creating shapes on the bag.

crocheted bag design ideas 1
I finally finished it , my first Mochila bag , yes its not round and only a clutch but it is finished and I am really happy how it turned out , now I just have to make one of the traditional designs , probably the beginner bag so I can get round bases right (this one has an oval one colour base ) but feeling pretty good now. – Tracy Anne, Textile Artist Albany, W.A.

Here is another innovatively crocheted idea for hand bag in black color, but the shape of the bag is different from the one shown earlier. This is also a great idea for the college use because it contains enough space to place the books.

crocheted bag design ideas 2
Finished the bag, still working on the strap. Used a crochet 2 strand icord for the tie. Aunt Lydia Fashion 3 with a 2.75mm hook. (Photo snapped in natural light to show true colors. Stuffed the bag with a towel). Leslie Robinson-Stone

Now this one is a soberly created hand bag because the combination is looking great with the use of light plus dark colored yarns. This bag will look great when carried with light colored dress and a dress of this combination will also look fantastic in winter season.

crocheted bag design ideas 3
Crocheted & Shared by: Loes Koot

Not always the light colors look amazing; you can see the combination of dark colors here that are making the hand bag give a stylish look even when no any light color is added to the design. The rope to close the opening of the bag is also created with the yarns that are used for crocheting.

crocheted bag design ideas 4
My prime tapestry. V-Three Haritsyah

This marvelous idea of unique crocheting idea of hand bag requires a few days in completion because the design is different that requires attention. The multiple colors used for crocheting this zig-zag design is making it appear lavish and no one will believe that it is handmade because of the neatness.

crocheted bag design ideas 5
Loving this bag! It’s a bit large (9.5 × 13 inches), but I’ve always carried large bags. 5 skeins Butterfly Super 10 cotton, 2.35mm hook. Leslie Robinson-Stone


crocheted bag design ideas 6
Crocheted & Shared by: Mazlina Saidin


crocheted bag design ideas 7
Crocheted & Shared by: Alexandra Leder


crocheted bag design ideas 8
Crocheted & Shared by: Chuleerat Fowler


crocheted bag design ideas 9
Crocheted & Shared by: Hatice Dere Neyyir


crocheted bag design ideas 10
Crocheted & Shared by: Rosi Sene


crocheted bag design ideas 11
Crocheted & Shared by: Jenny Claire Stockton


crocheted bag design ideas 12
Crocheted & Shared by: Loes Koot


crocheted bag design ideas 13
Crocheted & Shared by: Maritza Rivera