Crocheted Flowers Created by Roseli Fatima


Sometimes we don’t want to make the whole projects with the crochet but we just want some embellishments made with the crochet that could be used in some other art projects. On this platform we have decided to bring all the crochet related projects whether whole knitted projects or mere supporting accessories that are crocheted. We also borrow some of the ideas and plans from our fellow crafters who are considered to be the mentors of crochet and knitting. And for sure Roseli is one of them, we have compiled here a long range of the crocheted flowers created by Roseli Fatima who is a very well renowned name in the field of crochet crafts.


Let’s talk a bit about the use of these crocheted flowers, where exactly they could be used actually? Well, the canvas of this thing is so damn wide. These crocheted flowers are basically and primarily used for the purpose of beautification and embellishments.
crochet-flowers crocheted-flowers

We can use these crocheted flowers on several art projects, like we can paste one a self designed card, we can stitch one on a handkerchief, we can add this on a baby’s attire that was made out of some other fabric.
crocheting-flower cute-crochet-flowers

Most of the flowers that are presented here have got the most natural color combinations like they have got the same red and green combinations of the roses. And they are perfectly shaped like the actual flowers that we see in the gardens.
ideas-for-crochet-flowers knitted-crochet-flowers pretty-crochet-flower spring-crochet-flowers crochet-flowers-plan

The crafter has rendered them a perfectly natural look, and on the technical grounds certainly some tricky and double round stitch patterns are used in these crocheted flowers. Each flower has got the same green natural base and a colorful petal set that gives it a very fascinating look. They give us liberty to use them on any desired art project.

Created & Shared by: Roseli Fatima