Crocheted & Hand Embroidery Bedspread


Okay, before we go into the details of the project of the day, I would like to ask that how many ladies among you have tried some of the patterns of crocheted bed spreads that we presented in some earlier projects? All of them were carrying the detailed description and along with the each and every detail of the project that really made the things far easier and handier for you. If you tried them then this one is just going to be a piece of cake for you trust me. So let’s start with this crocheted and hand embroidered bed spread.


This bed spread that we are talking about right now isn’t entirely crocheted, this is basically the sweet amalgamation of the fabric, embroidery and crocheted flowers. I remember that we have had presented a whole project carrying multiple crochet flowers that were carrying each and every detail of the crochet pattern and the thread used in it as well.

So once you have grabbed the basic concept and idea of the skein and thread used here then this is not going to be a tough task at all for all of you.

We had already mentioned about those crocheted flowers that they are going to be among the best embellishments that you could utilize for interior decor and also on various decoration projects. And just look here the time has come where your learned art is going to be of great use right here in this project.

The patterns used in making each crocheted flower are pretty simple like single round stitch pattern is applied, and we have opted for some of the finest shades that are just ideal for such indoor creations. These knitted flowers would create a matchless impression along with the embroidered patches.

Created & Shared by: Geeta Khanna