Crocheted Rug Carpet


Well, some out of you might really think that how far have we gone for the crochet creations like we started from mere typical and usual creations knitted by the smart crafters, and at this point of time we are talking about a whole wide spread crochet rug carpet. This could be a bit astonishing but there is nothing that cannot be done with pure intention and creativity. Yes we are talking about crocheting whole wide carpet that could be placed maybe in the main entrance of the lobby or maybe the drawing room depending on your priorities.


If we talk about the common rugs or carpets we normally get inclined towards the Iranian and Turkish rugs and carpets. They certainly make an integral part of your home décor ideas and plans. But at the same time the disturbing thing is their sky high price that comes along a tag of a well renowned brand.

But the crochet creations this is not the case like if you are gusty enough and have literally got the command on the crochet art then you must give it a try. We would help you out with the color combinations that would be the most appropriate ones for this task.

Having a look on the crocheted rug carpet you can easily comprehend that we have opted for some lighter shades along with a mild touch of the darker shades to really neutralize the dark impact. All the thread shades opted are pretty great for this particular project.

And speaking in technical terms the stitch pattern is kept pretty simple and straight. The little tiny holes in each crocheted square are left deliberately as a part of the design and that really worked. More of traditional touch reflects out of this knitted rug carpet, you too keep it simple and give it a try.

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