Enhance the Beauty of Your Beds with Crochet Bedspreads


There are many people out there, who love to adorn their home and especially the bedroom innovatively to impress others and to feel comfortable in it. The ideas which can be copied at home and the handmade items are the best to decorate the home in a unique way because the items a person prepares at home are not available elsewhere. So, we are going to show the inspiring crocheting ideas for preparing bedspread at home to make the room look inspiring. These are easy to copy if a person knows how to crochet.

Beauty of Your Beds with Crochet Bedspreads

Let us start with a colorful bedspread crocheting idea for which a person has to crochet hexagonal shades and for every single box, a different color of yarn needs to be used to make the bedspread look adorable. This idea is great to make the room look lively.

bedspread crocheting 12
Crocheted & Shared by: Zophia Vergnaud

Here is an idea for which cool and refreshing colors are selected. Blue is a refreshing color and its shades are utilized with the combination of white, which is making it look great. The square shapes are crocheted; you can see small and big boxes in the bedspread.

bedspread crocheting 13
Crocheted & Shared by: Karla Weinand

Now we are going to present an idea with the white and dark colored combination, this is also an idea with the square boxes design. It is not a difficult design to copy for the person, who is new to crocheting and the color of the yarns can be selected according to the taste as well.

bedspread crocheting 2
Crocheted & Shared by: Sandra Delgado

You can see the big box containing many boxes of small size within it; this is also an amazing idea for crocheting unique design of bedspread. Maroon, gray and white combination is making the bedspread look sober. It is also giving a great look to the bed.

bedspread crocheting 8
Crocheted & Shared by: Elli Kapantaïs

Here is a sober design crocheted with the white colored yarn and the flowers are multi-colored with the green leaves around them. White is a color which looks great when it is paired with any color and it makes the room look bright, so this idea is good to copy for a small room bedspread.

bedspread crocheting 1
Crocheted & Shared by: Creuza Da Silva Barcellos Silva Barcellos

We have shown you the idea for crocheting square design and now here is an idea with the round design for the bedspread. The circles crocheted on the bedspread are not of single color, every circle is crocheted with one color plus 2 shades of it.

bedspread crocheting 7
Crocheted & Shared by: Tracy Stephenson

Presented here is an innovative crocheting idea, which shows the sea and the sand with the turtles and star fishes on it. It is a good idea to copy if someone likes fishing or calming down at beaches because it makes the environment of the room like the beach.

bedspread crocheting 10
Crocheted & Shared by: Teresa Norris

In the end, we are sharing the image of the bedspread of a single bright color. You can see the design which is not difficult to crochet for a person who knows well about crocheting. You can also see the ending of the crocheted bedspread and it is not created with the proper border, the yarn is hanging at the end.

bedspread crocheting 3
Crocheted & Shared by: Carolina Rojas


bedspread crocheting 4
Crocheted & Shared by: Elaine Roufley


bedspread crocheting 5
My first tartan bedspread. Reina Flynn


bedspread crocheting 6
Meninas Hoje vim compartilhar essa colcha que fiz a uns anos atrás.
Acho ela linda fiz com a linha Ane foi uns dos meus primeiros trabalhos um grande desafio mas que valeu a pena. Adriana Ferreira


bedspread crocheting 9
Crocheted & Shared by: M Luiza Pavani


bedspread crocheting 11
Crocheted & Shared by: Patricia GL