Hand Made Crochet Rug


Okay, so I guess you ladies had a lot of crocheted projects in other articles where we also provide the pattern details. So all of you who have tried some of those ideas would have literally mastered the art of crochet and knitting. So we assume that you are pretty good now in this field and that is why we are presenting here a very decent rather colorful crocheted rug. And trust me if you execute this knitting project properly you are just going to forget about the famous Iranian rugs. Be specific in the selection of the thread shades and also consider their thickness as well.


The crafter has actually consumed four basic thread shades in crocheting this smart and colorful lively rug. The white lies in the opening circles of the crocheted rug. While the other opening circle is knitted with a relatively bigger strip of the yellow which is certainly a moderate one.

The next in the line is the deep red which is one of the most shocking shades that are used to lift up the mood and tone of the crocheted creation, and in the end the light blue shade is used in making the final floral border strip of the crocheted rug.
crochet-rugs crocheted-rug hand-made-crochet-rug

This is neither too much large nor too short rather very reasonably sized and on the other hand it is shaped as a circle that makes it fit in any corner of the house.

Infact from the interior designing point of view the articles carrying such moderate shades should be placed on the main entrances to give a wider feeling inside the house. But never consider it to be a typical dust mat as it has taken a lot of your time and obviously some finances as well in the shape of the thread.

Created & Shared by: Szydłem dziergane