Amazing Design Ideas for Crocheted Animals


Kids love to play with the toys, but it is not good to give hard toys for playing to the infants as they can harm them. If someone wants to give toys to his/her baby, then the crocheted toys should be preferred because they are soft and they cannot harm the kid. The crocheted toys are not easy to find in the market, so the toy crocheting can be done at home for which the person requires learning the technique of crocheting. The animal toy can be crocheted with any idea that comes to a person’s mind and here are some amazing design ideas for crocheting animals, which can be copied for the baby.

Amazing Design Ideas for Crocheted Animals

We want to start with the adorable idea of crocheting the hen with the chicks and the eggs, this idea is great if someone wants to show the crocheting skill by adorning the home with the toys like the one shown here.

crochet animal 1
Oi pessoal adoro todo tipo de crochê gosto de inventar faço de tudo um pouco essa é minha primeira postagem no grupo espero que gostem….. Leiva Ap Miano

Kids love to have the toys like the pony we have presented here, the animal is crocheted with the colorful yarns, which is making it look appealing. It can be used for decorating purpose and can be crocheted for the baby as well.

crochet animal 10
Fatty lumpkin ( I dident purchase the pattren ) looked at lots of pic on pintrest and winged it! Aggie Neufeld

The idea we have shown here is great if a person wants to cover a table when it is not in use, this inspiring crocheted idea works well in making the room of the kids look attractive. The blue color is looking nice, but any colored yarn can be used for copying this idea.

crochet animal 2
No pattern used! I’m super proud of this little bear. Meredith Oakes

The idea shown here is great because it can be placed on the table as the decorative piece and the big toys like this are loved by the kids for playing. Different colored yarns are utilized for this crocheting thus innovative idea.

crochet animal 13
Just finished crocheting a 3 foot rooster for the Chinese New Year. Pattern is from Little Owls Hut, using Caron One Pound yarn and 4mm hook. There is a 10awg electrical wire frame that allows it to stand and feathers and cone to stay up. Donna Whiteside

Now come to another animal idea, which is a rhino. No matter which animal a person wants to crochet, it looks nice and cute even if it is a dangerous animal in reality. A person can use any color of yarn to crochet this idea, but the white color added in it will make the eyes look prominent.

crochet animal 8
Finished my second Heidi Bears hippo – red for my Nan and grey for my bestie. Jade Lilly

Unicorn is a sweet animal and the colors used for crocheting it are making it look adorable, button can be used as the eye if a person doesn’t want to crochet the eyes with the black colored yarn. The combination of light and dark color is looking great.

crochet animal 9
Crocheted & Shared by: Cindy Cook

The idea we have presented here is similar to a bird, it is a great idea if a person wants to crochet a toy for the baby girl because birds look sensitive and soft as baby girls. The pink and other light colors are adding grace to this inspiring crocheted piece.

crochet animal 3
This was so fun to make! My niece loves owls and wanted one for her daughter. Kay Widner-Kuck

Cats are lovely, they love the kids if they are in the home as pet and they look nice if any cat themed decoration piece is placed for the adorning purpose. You can see the black and the white colored crocheted cats here; they will surely make the area look appealing when they are placed on a table.

crochet animal 4
They are my favorite cats these are my design. Aroonwan Matasut


crochet animal 5
Finally finished! Tippy the African flower dachshund (paid pattern Ravelry). The hardest part as usual is sewing the head on. Pauline Carey


crochet animal 6
Similar to MermaidTail Blankets but Sharks for the boys. Bridget Gadd


crochet animal 7
Just finished a camel, which is one of the free patterns in a Christmas nativity set. Crochet by Jackie B


crochet animal 11
Un petit chat vient de tomber de mon crochet, il va aller retrouver une petite maîtresse qui va en prendre bien soin Marie-France Machefer


crochet animal 12
Crocheted & Shared by: Carla McLin Seikel


crochet animal 14


crochet animal 14 - 4


crochet animal 14 - 3


crochet animal 14 - 2
Above 4 Crocheted & Shared by: Ulalala Crochet


crochet animal 15
Crocheted & Shared by: JO 4 U