Awesome Crochet Doll Ideas for Kids


There are many different types of toys for the kids available in the market, but it is not necessary to buy them from the store when you can make them at home. The yarns are useful and they benefit a person in many different ways like making the decorative items, crocheting the bedspread and creating the toys for the kids like the dolls. Not only the doll clothes, but the whole doll can be crocheted with the yarn stick and the yarns of various colors. It is a great activity to pass the leisure time.


Those looking for the crocheting doll ideas can go for this because it is simple to make and the color is optional, which can be altered if the baby daughter wants the doll of a specific color. The muffler of multi-color is looking nice and attractive.

Very pleased with my first Lalylala doll, “Dirk” the dragon. I’ve really enjoyed making it.  Jenefer Bentley

The doll is a good piece for adorning the kid’s room as it can be placed on the table or the shelf in the room. There is no need to buy the hair wig for the doll because yarns can be utilized for making them. The crocheted doll is giving innocent look as the daughters are.

Just wanna share with you my new doll – Miss Clown – based on a photo from internet, credited to Havva Designs –> No pattern, just swung it.  Jessica Lee

It is a unique idea with which anyone can provide a good toy to her daughter to play, there is nothing in the toy which can harm the baby as it is safe made up of yarns that are soft. There is nothing to worry about the kid’s health as there is nothing in the toy that is not environment-friendly.

Doll number 1 finished- 3 more to go.  Fay Taylor

Here is another idea for creating the crocheted doll which is easy to make and there is no need to buy a wig for the hair, cutting the yarns in one size and attaching them to the head of the doll eliminates the requirement of buying a wig.

made this for my friends little girls first birthday but can’t do eyebrows they keep looking wrong does it look OK without them.  Kimberley Peberdy

It is the simplest idea because there is no need to create the legs and feet, the crocheted frock is enough to make it look like it is complete. The beads can be used for attaching as the eyes and pearls can also fulfill the requirement.

Crocheted & Shared by:  Kathy Vukšić
Graduation doll for friends daughter….or a newly graduated witch…I’m not sure!  Lorna Allen-fox


Crocheted & Shared by:  Greicy Pinheiro


just sharing my finished project make over for this doll 🙂 and her crochet outfit she is well loved now.  Jansen Burke


Tried my luck on some crochet, “Threadies” Barbie doll style. With undies!  Cindy Bean


A little doll I have just finished for a very special little girl! Sending love and hugs.  Jan Croker


Crocheted & Shared by:  Bénédicte Heitz


Crocheted & Shared by:  Marie José Sommer


Hi I wanted to share my santa babies I made.  Tracey Greenwood MacDiarmid


Crocheted & Shared by:  Tracey Greenwood MacDiarmid


Crocheted & Shared by:  Hooked on Ewe crochet


Made this for my mom for her birthday, didn’t use a pattern! She loves Raggedy Ann! Hope to make her an Andy as well!  Nikki Moore


Crocheted & Shared by:  Ellen Coulter


Molly my new pattern.  Adriënne Verstraten


An amigurumi doll of me crocheting.  Pip Collins


My mermaid! Made with Sugar n’ Cream cotton yarn. She’s a “Thomasina Cummings Design”- Mermaid Doll.  Gale Ungar