Crochet Sun Hat Free Patterns for Kids


Hat keeps the face away from the harmful sun rays and it protects the skin in many different ways, so the parents should not ignore its importance. The hats are available in the stores in many different designs and colors, but it is not always possible to get the hat in the color which suits the dress; so if the person knows the skill of crocheting then it can be created at home. Here you can see many inspiring crocheting ideas for sun hat free patterns for kids that are easy to copy, have a look and copy those you like.

Crochet Sun Hat Free Patterns for Kids

The hats of different colors are shown here, they all are crocheted with light colors and they are perfect for the summer season. The beats are used for adding grace to them and those who are interested in copying them can get the help from the link below.

Crochet Hat Free pattern for Kids
For DIY Pattern Details >> mylittlecitygirl

The hat idea shown here is not only awesome in looks, but will cover the face of the little girl from the sun due to which it is great to be copied. The yarn used for this is red, but any colored yarn can be utilized according to the desire to create this idea.

Belmont Sun Hat – FREE Pattern
For DIY Pattern Details >> katidcreations

The red color looks awesome on the girls and some of the green color added with it makes the hat lovely, see the watermelon hat idea here and you will inspire others by copying it. The viewers may love to copy it as well.

crochet watermelon sun hat
For DIY Pattern Details >> repeatcrafterme

Now here is the attractive crocheting idea for creating a colorful hat perfect for the hot days. The idea is appealing as many bright colored yarns are used for creating it and it will surely make the baby give an appealing look for which there is no need to buy a hat from the store.

Crochet Summer Sun Hat – Free Patterns
For DIY Pattern Details >> mymerrymessylife

The hat with the flowers is shown here for which the link is also given below which makes crocheting it easy for those who like to copy this idea. The flowers attached to the hat are also crocheted and they are not ready-made.

Russian Little Girls Cloche Hat Pattern
For DIY Pattern Details >> redhairedamazona

White looks sober and great on everyone, so how can we forget to add an idea with created with the white colored yarn? The red rose is adding grace to the hat and people will praise when they come to know that it is created by you at home.

Sun Hat Crochet Pattern
For DIY Pattern Details >> etsystudio

Here is another idea created with white yarn, the red color added to it is making it appealing. The use of red color to create border is also looking nice and any other color can also be utilized for crocheting the hat with this design and pattern can be seen from the link below.

Toddler Cotton Sun Hat
For DIY Pattern Details >> myhobbyiscrochet

In the end, we would like to show a hat with the unique colors and here it is. The pattern for the creative crocheting idea is shown in the link below. The hat is created with light and dark yarn colors, which is looking great and will make the girl look lovely as well.

Crochet Caterpillar Toddler Boy Sun Hat
For DIY Pattern Details >> mymerrymessylife


Free Ruffled Brim Sunhat Pattern
For DIY Pattern Details >> hattingmadlycrochet


For DIY Pattern Details >> craftpassion


Peach Happy Sun Hat
For DIY Pattern Details >> stitch11


Crochet Sun Hat Granny Stitch
For DIY Pattern Details >> mymerrymessylife


Toddler Sun Hat
For DIY Pattern Details >> stitch11


Star Sun Hat ~ Free Crochet Pattern
For DIY Pattern Details >> jessieathome