Homemade Crocheted Hats for Kids


Last week I had presented some of the crochet accessories related to the kids, and all of my fellow crafters and all the ladies really liked them all. People literally numbered the articles and they tagged those one to the friends and in social circles as well. So I really conclude that the knitted baby accessories are again in fashion. And this is pretty understandable too because the crocheted accessories are far better than the market oriented kids accessories. Especially when it comes to make the knitted hats, the thing becomes more exciting because this is something that is directly related with their health and protection.


First of all we have put here a raccoon hat that is made by another volunteer crochet crafter. We have often seen many nice crochet creations from her side where she tries her level best to bring on some diversified collection of crochet crafts.

Had to share this with you all. My grandson Jesse in his Raccoon hat i made.  Lynda Callaway

While this one is probably the most common and simple as well. Although the colors used here could be a bit hard or tricky to sort out. You may also face some problem when you opt for some different brand for the same shade. Over all the design especially the frontal brooch is simply awesome.

My first ever crochet hat 0-6months  Lauren Hopkins

Awwwww… I am sure you will not feel gross at all seeing this tiny little cute frog. The kid looks so adorable that I just feel to grab it. Light green thread has mimicked the frog very nicely while the other additions are also gelling up with the base shade very nicely.

I made a frog hat for my daughter. Now everyone wants one!  Annie Bonneau

And finally this cute cartoon character inspired crochet pattern is free for all. As you all know that such cute characters really fascinate the kids to the extent that they just become so sticky that they do not get ready to take off such accessories.

My crocheted character hat/shoes in character, NO PATTERN, my own idea and design.
One of my favorite character Doraemon.  Jo Mar Hil


My new cute owl hat.  Julide’s handmade creations


My first pony hat, I love it.  Julide’s handmade creations


This is my latest thing I finished for a friend , mega bright.  Sonya Stone



Made this Elsa hat for a friend’s little girl. I didn’t put any jewels on it because she is under three years old.  Jill Gratrix


My newest grandbaby making the dalmation hat I made him look good.  Tawnya Bilyeu


Had one lonely ball of this yarn in my stash for ages, so given that there’s a def nip in the air now I
decided to make myself a new hat.  Leona King


Yay I/we raised £130.00 for my sheep hat for a local charity I’m so happy that a local little boy won it.  Samantha Podda


Finished this for a niece yesterday. Does anyone else run crochet as a business and get family members who think they’re exempt from the waiting list.  Louise Kay Sheard


Thought I’d try something different and very pleased with result. Puff stitch hat with bunny ears. My
son is always happy to try my new stuff on is £12 fair enough? Thank you.  Ksenia Burnett


Knitted & Crocheted by:  Lucy Çağlar


Just finished another owl hat! But I just realized I attached the eyes to the inside! Oh well, my little boy loves it!  DeAndra Tochoney


My little elf. Love this hat…making it not so much.  Katie Lejeune


Knitted & Crocheted by:  Michelle Miedema


Knitted & Crocheted by:  Sabrina Léveillé Quan


Grandson’s new hat. Pattern is Poke’ball Hat by Bonnie Jacobs.  Cathy Matrisotto


Every kid deserves a bright hat with an epic pom-pom! – Source


Two Canadian flag hats that I gifted to Randy and Mr. Lahey of the Trailer Park Boys. Source



Cute Crocheting at: Source


Just finished my first hat and scarf order ? really hope she likes it!  Fran Matthews


Since most people mix names of my grandsons in our small community and everybody knows everybody here. Made awesome hats for there head and ears to be warm through the winter, and for people to say hi with their riht names. And the boys fits them. Happy grandma here.  Jokeypa Akpaleeapik



Elsa and Skye hats…  Jennifer Webb


Hats I made for my granddaughters !  Marisa Farina Montinaro





Just some of the little hats an things I’ve made since teaching myself how to crochet a year ago.  Robin Andrews