Kids Fun with Crochet Amigurumi


Kids love to play with the toys and it is wise to get stuffed toys to the kids under 5 years because the toys made up of plastic or other materials can harm them. It is not necessary to buy the toys from the stores because if the person knows the art of crocheting, then there are many ideas to copy and adorn the kid’s room as well as giving them soft toys to play. Here we are going to show you the ideas for crocheting Amigurumi, which is not difficult and makes the area look impressive when they are used for the adorning purpose.

Kids Fun with Crochet Amigurumi

Here is a cute puppy at the start of the ideas; just 2 yarns color pink and white is required to crochet it. The eyes are not crocheted; the read-made eyes are attached to the crocheted dog. Puppies are adorable and this one is also looking lovely.

crocheted amigrumi 11
Crocheted & Shared by:  Olga HM

Now come to a huge crocheted Amigurumi, the creator had surely spent many days making it and it is looking amazing. The color combination of the dragon is perfect; it is a good idea to go for if the person wants something unique to decorate the kid’s room.

crocheted amigrumi 18
Finished this big guy today! Hes 3′ long with a wingspan of 54″! Im so happy with how he turned out! Now he’s off to his new home once I find a box big enough.  Looming By Angela

A color attractive pony is looking nice, many yarn colors are utilized to create just one toy and this type of Amigurumi requires special attention because different colors need to be used at the proper place otherwise the person cannot succeed in making the desired toy.

crocheted amigrumi 17
Crocheted & Shared by:  Stephanie Rinehart

The stuffed toy we are going to present here is the one which most of the kids love to keep in their hands every time, many kids also love to take them to the bed. This crocheting idea of teddy can be copied easily in any color, but the light colors look awesome.

crocheted amigrumi 1
Crocheted & Shared by:  Kay Rowley

Here is the Amigurumi doll crocheting idea for the daughters, the girls love to adorn their room with the girly things just like dolls and the girl cartoon characters. So, this idea is good if someone is looking for a unique idea to crochet for her daughter.

crocheted amigrumi 2
Crocheted & Shared by:  KaLee Quanz

Now look at the adorable giraffe, light colors are used to crochet it and it is looking great because the colors are used in a proper way one after the other. Mixing the colors can create a mess and the toy doesn’t look good.

crocheted amigrumi 3
Crocheted & Shared by:  Lynne Edwards-Camber

Everyone who knows the crocheting art can crochet anything, bit just the toys are crocheted; but other items are also created at home through crocheting. Here is the snowman crocheting idea shown, it is perfect to be crocheted for adorning the home in the winter season if the person loves to change the setting of the home in every season.

crocheted amigrumi 4
Crocheted & Shared by:  Carol Lynas

The lovely rabbit is crocheted with 3 different yarn colors, the border of the Amigurumi is white and it is making the toy prominent. For making the eyes prominent, the black colored yarn is used and it is the perfect selection of color. It is easy to crochet as the pattern is simple.

crocheted amigrumi 5
My messed up rabbit lol but I finished it.  Dorothy Adams


crocheted amigrumi 6
Crocheted & Shared by:  Melissa Nichol


crocheted amigrumi 7
Made this handsome octopus for a great friends of ours.  Jacob Burrows


crocheted amigrumi 8
Crocheted & Shared by:  Justyna Trojanowicz


crocheted amigrumi 9
Crocheted & Shared by:  JO 4 U


crocheted amigrumi 10
Crocheted & Shared by:  Tami Stropl


crocheted amigrumi 12
Crocheted & Shared by:  Malvina Mangel


crocheted amigrumi 13
Crocheted & Shared by:  Melinda Kindley


crocheted amigrumi 14
Crocheted & Shared by:  Poppy Highfields


crocheted amigrumi 15
I finished it. Biggest project as a beginner and also the most expensive. I completely adore it. I even managed to get the limbs on without too much of the sewing showing. I impressed myself. I think this is the best to date.  Jennifer Freeman


crocheted amigrumi 16
Crocheted & Shared by:  Tammy Stoner


crocheted amigrumi 19
Crocheted & Shared by:  Narelle Green


crocheted amigrumi 20
Crocheted & Shared by:  Anna Baldacchino