Charming Design Ideas for Crocheted Shawls


If a person knows the technique of crocheting, then there is no need to buy the warm clothes from the market because spending some time on crocheting shawls and other items that keep the body warm such as the socks and muffler can fulfill the need of purchasing the products from the stores at a high price. Every shade of a color is available in yarns and a person is free to choose the colors to create the multi-shade clothes and shawls. There are many different shapes in which the shawls can be crocheted and we would love to show you the charming design ideas and color schemes for crocheting shawls.

Charming Design Ideas for Crocheted Shawls

Let us start with the unique shaped shawl which seems like the bird wings, it looks nice when a girl wears it because it is knitted with a unique technique. The colors chosen to crochet this idea are complementing each other.

crochet shawl idea 17
Finished the Angel Wing shawl….did not have any variegated yarn at hand so decided to mix a few colors together…hope this color combo looks nice.  Nimida Humayun Kabir

Here is another idea and the color scheme used to crochet inspiring idea this shawl is perfect for a small girl because the selected yarn colors are making it look funky. The front area is crocheted half; it is not for covering the front part fully.

crochet shawl idea 6
Stylecraft Merry-go-round size 4 hook.
I used a plain stylecraft dk for the edging.
This one is a gift for my Mum.
I’ve got one more to finish.  Maggie ‘Boo’ Forman

Now come to the heart shaped knitted shawl, the color scheme is light and it is great for an adult because it is looking sober. It covers the body above the knees and serves well in keeping the body warm, it also keeps the person look stylish as well as staying away from the cold weather.

crochet shawl idea 12
Crocheted & Shared by:  Debby Turner

Here you can see how amazing the charming crocheted idea shawl looks when it is fitted to the body, the color combination used in this idea is white with light pink due to which it is looking nice. This shawl is knitted in the heart shape.

crochet shawl idea 5
Finished my next Angel Wings. Thank you so much Sue for a lovely pattern. This is so cozy when I’m wrapped up in it. I re-worked that final border I had done as it was too frilly for me. Glad I did as it sits just perfect. And this second one is super large too.  Carol Singer

You can see another idea for crocheting the wing shaped shawl, but the color combination here is different. Mostly, the adults prefer to wear dark color that looks sober on them and this idea is perfect for an elderly individual because no any color is bright or funky.

crochet shawl idea 15
Crocheted & Shared by:  Lynda Erickson

Now the idea for crocheting amazing shawl with the angel wings is for the kids because the bright colors are used for knitting this idea. One can choose any other combination for crocheting the shawl, the front part of the body is covered with this idea as well as the back to keep the body away from the cold breeze that can leave the person sick.

crochet shawl idea 13
Crocheted & Shared by:  Clare Bahloul

Square shape shawl of light blue color idea is also great because it makes the person look trendy with the uniquely crocheted shawl.

crochet shawl idea 16
Crocheted & Shared by:  Shirley Packer

The shawl can be crocheted in any size depending on the need; the color scheme can also be any according to the taste. The shawl shown here is crocheted with dark colors, light colors can be used with them to make it look pretty.

crochet shawl idea 11
Crocheted & Shared by:  Jose Hendriks

At last, you can see an amazing crocheting shawl idea for a baby girl. Ribbon is created with the crocheting to tie the shawl from the front; the shawl covers the back more than the front and makes a girl look awesome.

crochet shawl idea 2
My finished AW shawl–can’t wait to wear it! Thank you Sue Pinner for your generosity and your seemingly tireless attention to detail. I am truly hooked!  Mary Frohock


crochet shawl idea 7

crochet shawl idea 7 - 4

crochet shawl idea 7 - 3

crochet shawl idea 7 - 2
Quiet productive evening! I couldn’t just choose one for a special little girl so I made her 4 sets.  Ruth Pratt Kramer


crochet shawl idea 1
I finally had time to sit down today and finish my shawl. Just needs a bit of blocking on the border.
I’m so in love with this shawl, thank you Sue Pinner I have 2 more shawls to make but they’ll have to wait a bit as I’ve have three afghans to do first.  Theresa Noble


crochet shawl idea 3
This is the first time I’ve really tried anything new…. My first virus Shawl! I used The Faerie Cake by Caron Cakes. and did a triangle picot edging (another video watched to learn to do that!) Thank you all for inspiring me with your beautiful work… I look forward to keep trying new things!  Carolynn McTavish


crochet shawl idea 4
Crocheted & Shared by:  Caroline Rollins


crochet shawl idea 8
Finally finished my supersized AW. Just needs to be blocked and a few ends sewn in and ready for winter 2017. Loved doing this one!  Doris Gerwien


crochet shawl idea 9
Finished the angel wings shawl. I used scarfie yarn. I never made something wearable before except messy bun hats so this started out as a see if I can do it project. Just used left over yarn. I like the way it turned out.  Amber Marley


crochet shawl idea 10
Almost forgot to share my finished aw shawl. I like using it like this on my chair.  Vicki Peterson


crochet shawl idea 14
Crocheted & Shared by:  Marilyn Rodriguez