Wire Crochet Jewelry Set


Hello gorgeous ladies, just wake up. This is very high time for the crochet loving ladies because I have brought you something tonight that would be related to your best time killing activity crochet, and on the other hand it would be quenching your thirst for an indispensible accessory that you just cannot compromise on in any case. Guess what? I have brought you an inspiration of wire crochet jewelry set, sounds great right? I was definitely expecting this zeal and enthusiasm from your side as you are always happy rather more than happy to try making such crazy stuff.


How many of you have heard of crocheting the wire to make some jewelry items out of it? Well, crochet is such an art that you can almost make all the jewelry accessories with these tiny crochet hooks and using some very cheap material that could very easily be found in the market.

Let me make it very clear for the beginners that here in this project we have used the slim wires that are certainly made of the copper, they are very flexible and can very easily be molded and are very easy to deal with.

So instead of going to stay astonished you must give it a try. You just need to arrange for some specially made crochet hooks for this certain job from the market downtown. Even the wire is also very easily available in the market. You can chose from a range of colored copper wires to make certain crocheted accessories.

We see here a crocheted wire necklace along with the matching earrings. Trust me nowhere in the market you are going to find these adorable pieces of crochet beauty. And on the other hand you would also enjoy working on this so just dare to give it a try.

Purchase Inquiry / Created & Shared by: Stefanie Mohr