Awesome Crocheted Baby Blankets


This has always been a great idea to make several kids accessories with crochet. Because the things made out of the crochet are so much soft that literally take the best care of the skin of the infants and newly born babies. Their skin is so soft that it could be harmed very easily, but with the crochet thread we just become free from all the expected harms. So one more thing that is pretty important for them, that is the blanket. A crochet blanket for the kids would certainly be a hundred times safer than the rest without any doubt.


The crafter has prepared this baby crib blanket for her neighbor’s little angel. And as we see the color scheme and also the stitch pattern, this is undoubtedly pretty nice from all the angles. Anyone of you willing to get this one has got the detailed explanation of the crochet procedure for this job.

Just finished this baby crib blanket for my neighbor. Hope she and her precious, soon to arrive, baby girl will like it!  Tanja Lockhart

The next one in the line is quite different in the sense that it has got a character carved on it with the crochet, and we all know that such silly features are always loved by the kids. They feel to be much closer with such crafts.

My very first c2c! Now onto a 200×200 graphgan!  Magdalena Ziminska

This is another nice 4 ply baby blanket. The size is pretty in accordance to the task for what it was crocheted. We see that very lighter thread shades are opted for this task. The light white bordering area renders it a much gentle and pleasant touch.

Finally finished my 4 ply baby blanket. Love how block stitch comes out so square.  Carol Wilks

While the final one with a block stitch border. And the word that we see printed or carved on the blanket is love, probably the best word to define your feelings towards your baby. Very nice color combination is employed, simple single stitch pattern is applied and the crafter has also done huge justice to the border.

HOTH!!!! Finally finished. C2C in stylecraft DK silver and black with a block stitch border! This really has been a labour of love. Glad it’s done!  Jenni Wood


Started crocheting in July, my first blanket finished. Very pleased and learnt loads from this site and it’s members.  Debbie Brown


Knitted & Crocheted by:  Rebecca Hart-Jarvis


Knitted & Crocheted by:  Debbie Avila’s Tresors


Knitted & Crocheted by:  Tanis Faracli


Ripple baby blanket finished for friend at work!  Bethany Tolson


Today I finished my first granny rectangle blanket. This one will be for my toddler daughter’s new bed. Now i can’t wait to make a baby blanket for my future baby daughter due in March.  Ana María


Corner to corner baby blanket, just finished.  Deborah Herron Phillips


Made a twelve point star blanket for Bobby boo.  Tina Capener


My blanket I finished for a friends granddaughter…. my go to pattern!  Debbie Dawson Magid


Yeah, my first attempt at the ripple stitch, it’s far from perfect and I’ve pulled it back loads of times but I do like it now. All done by following Bella Coco tutorial.  Shirley Hankey


Yay! I’m all done with my grandsons blanket which will go onto his bed. My spider- bat- man blanket with the flash emblems as you can see I am just getting those done. All that’s needed is blocking, weaving in ends, putting a fabric for the back outlining the bats to make them more solid and finishing up those flash emblems. Plus putting on the spider I made to go in the center.  Debbie Taylor Schaffer


All finished hopefully it’ll be a while before I’m asked to make another one as this is the third time I’ve made this in the last 6wks, in the wash now along with the hat I’ve knitted to go with it then it’ll be ready to go to its new home next week.  Leona King


My blanket I made for my 1ST neice it worked up to fit well on a full size bed.  Jennifer L Rose


Love seeing a heartfelt gift in action. I reckon this little one would look good in a bin bag but I’m really proud of my blanket.  Emily Wood


Knitted & Crocheted by:  Jackie Williams


Second attempt of the baby blanket using a different pattern and no border. I like it.  Jutta Ashby


Baby blanket for my best friends granddaughter. She seems to like it well enough. Bobble stitch with fan boarder. Vintage yarn.  Connie Wade


Acabei de confeccionar está manta para minha sobrinha, o que vcs acharam?  Adriana Ferreira


Just finished this puff stitch flower blanket, Size 38×38 inches, Made with around 600 flowers.  Madiha Junaid


I made these last year for my twin grandchildren. Girl and boy.  Melinda Diane Wilkinson Jackson


shark blanket for my nephew for Xmas.  Jenny Moffatt


Knitted & Crocheted by:  Lisa Fowler


Latest project complete! New great-niece due in January! Love how this one turned out!!  Colleen Gray-Mcnamee


Baby blanket and beanie Hayfield baby blossom chunky yarn used.  Roz Castle


Just something I made for my granddaughter. What do you think?  Barbara Anne Foley


I made this for my great niece.  Cindy Hanes