There is no limit when it comes to creating the products of daily use with the yarns as a person who likes to crochet knows how to use the hook for crocheting the blanket and prepare the crochet bedspread. A person who doesn’t posses the skill of crocheting can’t imagine how much amazing things a small crochet hook can create. Not only the bedspread makes the room look attractive as a person can use as many colors as she wants for the crocheting, but the decorations made with this skill also make the area appealing.


You can see the lining design with multiple colors, crocheting bedspread is an innovative way of making the room look amazing as well as making the bed comfortable and soft for a good night’s sleep in the winter season.


Crocheted & Shared by:  Irene Soh Lee Kinkela

The presented design is unique and it is looking amazing, those who find multi-colored crochet bedspread messy can go for this design. The box design will not make the area look messy, it is simple and the combination is amazing. White and red colored yarn can make this simple design.


Crocheted & Shared by:  Ana Maria

Here is another box design for crocheting bedspread, many colors are used in preparing it and it is a perfect combination for the kid’s room. Some boxes are filled with the colored yarn while the others are left white, which is the base color. Overall, it is looking attractive and it will make the kid’s room colorful.


My finished WIP it isn’t perfect I am still a novice crocheter I finished it with a pretty pink shell border as the room is pink now on to my next project.  Glenys Jane O’Hagan

Most of the people who are fond of crocheting, don’t want to prepare just the bedspread; they go for the whole set in which pillow covers are also included. It is a good idea to make the pillow covers as well with the crochet bedspread, you can see here the bedspread with the cartoon face and the pillow cover is also crocheted with the face.


Finished, this is on a queen bed. Made from a bought pattern.  Lynette Lue White



Here is my new finished bedspread. Took 2.5 months. I think I will add some ivory throw pillows.  Mary Louise Dale



Good morning from Philadelphia, I’m new in the group but I would like to share my last crochet piece, a cover for my daybed and the pillow …I can’t follow instructions , so I go by the pictures ! – Made by:  Ana Mccanney



Thanks for the add. I am new to crochet, only taught myself how to in June! But recently finished a small granny square throw for my daughter’s bed. It was done with yarn passed on to my by my mother-in-law (arthritis means she can no longer crochet), I don’t have much of a budget for buying new yarn. I have also done a couple of small stuffed owls, a cat and a snowflake! Hoping to find inspiration here, and motivation to practise, improve, and do other ‘big’ projects.  Paula Bateman



Crocheted & Shared by:  Eleanor Dotomain Oliveri



I will be donating this bedspread to a fundraiser for AIDS victims in Congo . It’s tempting to keep.  Jess Xiberras



My mother gave this to me just before she passed I néed to wash but I’m afraid.  Virgie Fouts Watson



Mandala Madness, Used Stylecraft dk special yarn.  Ritha Vishwanath



Crocheted & Shared by:  Rosicleide Silva



Crocheted & Shared by:  Isabel Castro



C’est la 1ère fois que je mets une photo de ce que je fais. C’est plutôt intimidant quand je vois ce que vous postez. C’est tellement magnifique.  Ginette Ostiguy



Just finished this, it’s a gift for my daughter. Just the ends to sew in.  Susan O’Connor



Crocheted & Shared by:  Marina Graes



Crocheted & Shared by:  Livia Spyer Las Casas



Crocheted & Shared by:  Alice Vargas


Crocheted & Shared by:

Crocheted & Shared by:  Marie-claire Capron



Después de un mes…trabajo terminado.  Marisa Jimenez



Crocheted & Shared by:  Debora Moreira