Awesome Design Ideas for Crochet Shawls


I guess I really don’t need to give any details to you guys regarding the shawls or wraps. I am sure you all ladies are familiar with them, but how many of you have tried to knit or crochet them ever before? Isn’t this a really exciting idea? Just imagine that you are carrying multiple shawls for each dress you carry every day, and the good thing is that you have crocheted them at your own, so they are also very economical too? We have compiled this list carrying various free patterns for crochet shawls or wraps.


Getting started with this cute and traditional shawl is a real bliss. I don’t think it needs any explanation or acclamation at all, this is something beyond the ordinary crochet creations. I would just comment on the color scheme, and also the stitch pattern too. This is made very professionally with all the attractive thread shades.

My first virus shawl complete (well blocking) – Super chuffed with it’s finish, will definitely being making more of these!  Sadé Louise Crampton-Miller

This is another nice addition in the range undoubtedly. One thing is pretty obvious that it has got a very complicated crochet pattern that is not suitable for the beginners I guess. For this you need a lot of the exposure of such creations on your part already.

Another virus shawl in Red Heart Unforgettable, color Stained Glass.  Deb Toye

Now this one is rather a simpler one with very fascinating light shaded crochet threads. A relatively thicker crochet thread is used for this particular project. This could be used on rustic or wooden furniture items. Straight declining crochet lines have made it look much attractive and for sure an attention grabber.

Crocheted & Shared by:  Abbey Campbell

And in the end this virus shawl that is made with the pure wool. Plus we also see a couple of the additional embellishments like the collars and buttons. This is a huge inspiration for sure for all the crochet beginners and amateur crafters. This must be given a try.

Finally finished my virus shawl I used wool and it’s nice and warm, I put two different collars and buttons but it looks best like this, thank you to all of you for inspiring me to learn this great pattern…  Nedra Kay Adams Marks


Fresh off the hook and I love the way it turned out.  Monica Pennington


My second virus shawl!!  Michele Allegar O’Brien


Just finished my new cosy shawl. So in love with it, I’ve even been taking it to work for lunch break snuggles.  Jemma Samantha Bissett


Crocheted & Shared by:  Charissa Hoogendoorn


Crocheted & Shared by:  Noby Anilkumar


Completed this beautiful shawl on order..just in 5 days.  Aluri Falguni


Finally got some nice weather to blick my Virus Shawl. This is only the second thing I’ve ever crochet’d, & once I got the pattern embedded in my brain, it was very easy & addictive. I used King Cole Galaxy yarns for this, in Neptune, & the pic doesn’t show it but there are sequins scattered everywhere in this yarn.
For anyone interested, you’ll need to Google “Virus Shawl” for the free instructions, & you may need a little help from youtube too–search Virus Shawl. This is going to someone very special for Christmas  Judy Kennedy


Crocheted & Shared by:  Patricia Aravena Romero


Can I just say thank you Bella for the virus shawl on you tube – a friend directed me to it and since then I have been “hooked” . These are my first two I am now on with a James c Brett marble one – 200g done , going to do 200g more.  Helen Sampson


Finished !! A longer version of Bella Coco Virus shawl made with James c Brett marble 2 x 200g size 6mm hook . I adore these colours , the yarn is to die for ! Thank you for the video xx.  Helen Sampson


Crochet shawl/wrap i made using the same aran acrylic mix wool as i made the cape and pom pom hat because i love the colour .  Sue Breaker


Crocheted & Shared by:  Pamela Taylor


Finished The Virus shawl.  Sara Delgado


Crocheted & Shared by:  Caytie Hogan


Shawl afgemaakt wat ik nog steeds had liggen. Best leuk toch?  Elly Schuitemaker