Awesome Design Ideas for Crocheted Mermaid Tails


Everything knitted with hand looks awesome as it shows the hard work of the individual and it is unique as it is crocheted with the idea and the color scheme in mind of the creator. It is sometimes impossible for the inspired individuals to find the awesome crocheted idea in the market, which they have seen at a friends’ home or anywhere else because the creator has turned his/her imagination into reality. The crocheted items are perfect for adorning as well as they serve well when they are knitted for keeping the body warm, here are some awesome design ideas for crocheting mermaid tails that keeps the person warm while sleeping.

Awesome Design Ideas for Crocheted Mermaid Tails

First of all, let us show you an idea which is created uniquely by crocheting the mermaid tail with the fish scales due to which it is looking awesome as the mermaid is also a fish; so the scales make it look like its original body shape.

crochet mermaid tail 10
Does this childs mermaid tail look ok it has shell shaped sequins on the top. I’m still not sure it looks ok due to the change in the pattern. The pattern is by Faraday green on utube. But I didn’t copy her pattern so I suppose you can say it’s my pattern.  Aprile Ball

Here is another idea with the fish scales that you can crochet; it seems for an adult as the size is big. The colors used for the crocheting it is looking good with each other, the fishes are seen in many different colors; so any color used for crocheting looks nice as an original fish tail.

crochet mermaid tail 15
Crocheted & Shared by:  Karree Williams

The unique design crocheted mermaid tail also looks nice in shocking pink color as in any other color, you can see it yourself here. It is great to crochet the mermaid tails for every kid in the home because it is safer than a blanket when it comes to keeping the kid warm.

crochet mermaid tail 5
Finished 4 little mermaid tails for four little cousins, hope they like them x  Barbara Meek de Lisle

Here you can see how the crocheted mermaid tail is utilized, the girl is wearing it and it is fitting to the body. There is no space which allows the cold air to enter the tail.

crochet mermaid tail 13
my granddaughter loves her mermaid.  Johelen Lewis

The innovative design crocheted fish tail is not only great in looks, but also for the purpose for which the time is invested in knitting it. The fabric is soft and it keeps the body warm more than a blanket.

crochet mermaid tail 8
Granddaughters mermaid blanket. Pattern from red heart. Not your typical mermaid as it doesn’t close in the back. Just flat but great for a 4 year old.  Chris Ferris

Now have a look at a unique design of crocheting mermaid tail, the part which covers the upper part of the body is knitted with awesome design and the area which covers the legs is simple; then the end of the tail is stylish. The color scheme is awesome and light colors are looking nice as a mermaid tail.

crochet mermaid tail 11
My fingers have been flying with Christmas orders for mermaid and shark tail. This is the last one. And probably my favorite I get tired of making the same over and over so I added something special to each one.  Janice Penner

This is a lining design for crocheting the mermaid tail; a different yarn shade is used to create a wide line with the multi-color border. The end of the tail is multi-color which is making the rest of the tail look prominent.

crochet mermaid tail 2
Crocheted & Shared by:  Shawn Daws

Not only a single color or a mermaid tail with many colors look good, you can see how good the double colored mermaid tails look. It is a good idea to crochet the tail with a single light colored yarn and use a dark colored yarn to crochet the border or lining of the tail end. It makes the finishing look neat.

crochet mermaid tail 12
Here are my tails..small, medium, and large…done!  Noemi Nava Garcia


crochet mermaid tail 1
Haven’t crocheted anything for years, I’ve made this mermaid tail for my niece for Christmas, needs a good pressing to get into shape, pretty chuffed with the result … I hope she is too.  Theresa Waddington


crochet mermaid tail 3
Crocheted & Shared by:  Alanna Schields


crochet mermaid tail 4
my first mermaid tail. if interested in buying this please pm me.  Elaine Baber


crochet mermaid tail 6
Crocheted & Shared by:  laleesliie


crochet mermaid tail 7
Crocheted & Shared by:  Kimmy Sandefur


crochet mermaid tail 9

crochet mermaid tail 9 - 2
Crocheted & Shared by:  Kenny N Sharron Roberts


crochet mermaid tail 14

crochet mermaid tail 14 - 3

crochet mermaid tail 14 - 2
Crocheted & Shared by:  Trudi Forster