Beautiful Knitted Cardigan Sweater


I have come across many ladies who are really of the view that while putting on the same typical sweaters we just cannot completely reflect our style and fashion statement. So they just argue that there must be some newer and greater patterns that could be adopted in the knitting. So pursuing to this long prevailing desire we are presenting here a beautiful knitted cardigan sweater. I just feel that this knitted jumper fastening down the front is going to be a very smart addition in your wardrobe. You would enjoy the style and also the certain pattern that is opted for this particular crochet project.


This long pull over has got many fascinating crochet thread shades, that make it full of life and style as well. This is pretty different from the typical sweaters that are just meant to prevent you from the cold and not to ensure your style.

This crocheted cardigan pull over is so damn stylish in its looks and on the other hand the range of thread colors that is used in this project make it such an article that could be carried along all the dresses and shades. Meanwhile it would also prevent you from getting cold.

This is the fine back of the crocheted cardigan, talking about it in technical terms it mostly follows the single stitch pattern. The twisted stripes passing through whole waist upto shoulders are knitted with some of the most fascinating thread shades, and the arms or cuffs are kept quite open a loose to ensure the comfort and ease.

The wide lower opening is the yield of this specific design, when left downward it would create a frilly fall that would make it look even better. Seems as if the crafter has done all the justice with this crocheted project.

Shared & Created by: Galia Karaulanova