Cute Ideas for Crochet Hood and Cowls


Crocheting is an art which needs skills, but there are many people who can crochet; but they don’t know how to polish their skills and use it for their benefit. So, everyone who loves to wear and dress up the kids in the unique way should crochet the hoods and cowls instead of purchasing them from the market. Winter season is on its way and its time to begin the crocheting process to complete it before the winter because it will surely require some time to manage and crochet. If you are looking for cute crocheting ideas hood and cowls, then here are some of the best ones.

Cute Ideas for Crochet Hood and Cowls

Let us start with an idea for the kids, this idea is great for the kids because it will not only keeps the head covered from the cold wind; but will also keep the neck safe to avoid the flu or any other winter related health issue.

crochet cowl 1
My second version of hat and cowl set with imitation of crown with cable pattern – My Crown Beanie and Cowl Set. I made it for my older daughter. The hat and cowl are knitted in the round and completely seamless. Tatsiana Matsiuk

Now the one shown here is for the neck, it is a good idea to keep the neck covered to avoid the cold breeze entering inside the clothes from the neck of the dress. So, it should be considered a good idea.

crochet cowl 2
My latest design “Iskra Set Oversized Cowl”…. Proud of it… Made in a round, completely seamless and easy to knit… Alexandra Mitrev

Have a look at the uniquely created cowl, with the eye-catching combination. The colors of the yarn used for creating this inspiring crocheting idea of cowl are light, but they are giving an attractive look to the product that the girl wearing. It is not hard to create.

crochet cowl 3 - 1


crochet cowl 3
My first time making a hooded cowl ever and they came out amazing!!! The pink one is for my mom for christmas, blue is for my aunt (she loves dallas cowboys & when i saw the yarn i knew it would be perfect) also, my mom and aunt are twins so i figured why not make them matching ones just different colors! Now to make one for my mother in law, her friend, and a friend of mine! Maybe even some for my husband and i! We’re moving from TX to New Hampshire in December so we’re going to need all the warm clothes we can get! Amanda Weaver

There are many innovative ideas of crocheting and one of them is shown here, this will look amazing when in the neck and it will also add grace to the dress a girl is wearing because the ideas of this type are not seen everywhere or in the market.

crochet cowl 4
Made from a free pattern, but I chose to put the smaller cowl on the outside rather than the inside as the pattern calls for.Diana Karlsrud

This idea is similar to the one which is shown earlier, but the size of this crocheted cowl is smaller than the one presented before it. This is crocheted in sober color and is perfect for an elderly woman because light colors look good on elders.

crochet cowl 5
Finished my first braided cowl. Sofia Tsourlaki

Now this idea is for the kids that are under the age of 5-years-old, the color is good for the girls and it can be crocheted in any color. The dark green color is used for crocheting the border of it while the remaining is crocheted with light green color and it is looking great.

crochet cowl 6
Hello fellow crocheters! My name is Sofia (stating the obvious) and for the last four years I live in London, but I am Greek! I was taught crochet by my grandmother some twenty-five years ago and I am absolutely addicted to it! In London I teach crochet to whoever want to learn and I aim to create an army of crocheters that we will conquer the world!!!! I will upload photos of my projects if that is ok with you! However, I usually create my own patterns that I never write down…so I can describe what l have done, but I cannot provide any written pattern! Have a lovely evening – night – morning. Sofia Tsourlaki

The idea shown here is also for the small girls, but it can be crocheted for the adults in big size. The button is attached to it for making it appealing and it has no any other purpose. This innovative crocheting idea is in blue shade with the gray contrast.

crochet cowl 7
I finally got it and love the final product. Diane Peacock

Some of the crocheted cowls are just for the purpose of making the dress look different, but no one knows that they keep the person warm and it is only known by the individual who wears them. The one shown here is purple in color and it is twisted.

crochet cowl 8
Crocheted & Shared by: Val Nahanni 

For the parents who love to dress up their kids in the cartoon themed clothes, here is an idea for them. If you like to see your kid in the bunny dress, then crochet this and you can use the yarns of the contrast you like for your kid.

crochet cowl 9
Cute Fox hooded cowl for a baby. The Catchy Crochet

The cowl presented here is crocheted in skin color, so it will look nice on the kids as well as adults. The design for this is unique with the button on the top and the unique design on the bottom which not only the viewers, but the girls will also love to wear to look stylish.

crochet cowl 10
i started crocheting mid october, Today i finished this cowl. Noraa Al

Kids need to be kept warm in the winter season more than the adults, so we like to add more ideas for the kids. Now here is the crocheted cowl which covers the half body, so it is a good choice to keep the kids away from the cold.

crochet cowl 11
The neck cowl poncho I finished just now for my one week old adorable granddaughter’s beautiful grand mother. What do you all think of it? I love it. Khurshid Haider

Now this is truly an awesome idea for creating something at home for the stylish look, this will look great on the dresses of one color like black or white because only the plain clothes can make this idea prominent. The color selected is awesome.

crochet cowl 12
Finished up another Braided Cowl, this one is for my Mom! Valerie Bartish 

For the kids, a person should create or buy interesting this like this unicorn designed cowl because they wear it without forcing them to look great. The gray colored yarn selected for this idea is perfect, but any other color can also be selected for the girl according to her wish.

crochet hood 1
My daughter loves her new unicorn hood, I did it in an evening as its super chunky and a 10mm hook. Attaching the mane took the longest X. Kate Bailey 

If anyone is looking for the unique crocheting idea for the son, then here it is which is created with the white and blue colored yarns. The lining design is appearing great, the buttons are easy to attach on the crocheted piece and it makes it easy to cover the whole baby body.

crochet hood 2
Little hoodie made for my 8 month old grandson, makes a change from blankets and animals. Going to make some booties to match. Sally Hawkins

It is not necessary to crochet an idea that just covers the head when there are many designs to look stylish. This design of cowl contains the pony tails on both sides and they are just to make the idea look different and great over the head.

crochet hood 3
Crocheted & Shared by: Tammy Wright Stevens 

The yarns are available in every color and they can be chosen according to the person who is going to wear the hood or cowl because sober colors are better for the adults and bright colors look awesome on the kids. So, this idea is better for the kids and it will surely look great.

crochet hood 4
Crocheted & Shared by: Denise Paradis Bell


crochet hood 5
Crocheted & Shared by: Marjorie Hatfield

This is a cowl creation idea with the brown colored yarn, the idea is perfect to cover the head as well as the neck in the winter season to avoid getting ill due to the cold breeze. It is enough to keep the upper body warm.

crochet hood 6
My first knitted hooded infinity scarf. Really happy with the way it came out. Laura Taylor

In the end, we would like to show you an idea for covering the head and the neck with just one product that you can create at home by buying 2 yarn colors. Both the colors are dark, but they are making the crocheted item appear fantastic. This will make the girl appear stylish as well.

crochet hood 7


crochet hood 8


crochet hood 9
Crocheted & Shared by: Cindy Corey Keith Smith