Design Ideas for Crochet Mermaid Tails


Okay, this time we have got a project related to a very damn character that is more or less favorite of all. Especially the women seem very impressed and inspired by her, and she is the mermaid. Pardon me because we the men also idealize her many times. Let’s not get indulged in the fight and be specific about the project that we are talking about. I have assembled a list of a design ideas for crochet mermaid tails, you like this plan right? I know this is going to be a very exciting project of knitting.

I put the wool I won from Elaine together with some cream I had to do this mermaid tail xx –  Denise Pickles

Let me begin with this multi colored yet simply crocheted mermaid tail. I guess some of you would be thinking about hang on, why exactly I need this mere tail and not the mermaid in total, and where exactly I am going to use it? So here is the answer.

Finally finished writing the pattern!!! After 6 drafts (that darn taper, i wanted it perfect) and some testers to make sure it was easy to follow. Yes i need a better place for photos.  Alicia Souza Francis

Again see at this one, very much similar to the thread shades that are used in the earlier one. Same pattern could be observed here again. But the color combination this time is more tricky and complicated, but you just don’t worry since we have bothered to present you the detailed tutorial along with the inspiration.

Created & Shared by:  Trish Casey

Now this time we see some of dull shades being employed here in this crochet project. Infact there is a trio of crocheted mermaid tails and I guess the crafter has planned it for all of her couches. She is really going to make it more impressive.

Thank goodness I’ve finished that lot!!! I despise making mermaid tails with a passion! Is it just me who falls asleep when I try to get into it? So boring and repetitive it makes my brain fart!!! Lol  Sally Briggs

And in the end we have seen a sharp turn from the dull to some of the brighter shades. And again the color combination is pretty tricky and could get even harder if you do not take help from the demonstration right below the project.


Mermaid tail blankets just finished for my young granddaughters  Denise Pickles
Finished mermaid tail blanket. Source
Finished another tail commission, wup! Source
Completed my 1st Mermaid Tail, started on Sunday & finished today! finally gave in and jumped on the bandwagon with them ? A mix of colours, 3 strands & a 10mm hook throughout. Brilliant Pattern by HookedByRobin on Ravelry. Hooks up fast  Kelly Liddle
Finished my 2nd mermaid blanket. Not too shabby Jakki Wesson