Enchanting Design Ideas for Afghan Crocheting


There are many different styles and design of crocheting from which a great one is Afghan crocheting which end up giving a praiseworthy item. A person should not underestimate the skill if he/she can crochet because it is not just an outstanding time pass activity, but it shows the love of the person for others from whom they crochet. The items for the home decoration can also be crocheted with Afghan crocheting ideas because it is a way to show how valuable is home for the homeowner and how much he/she loves to adorn the home innovatively. Here we have collected some enchanting ideas for Afghan crocheting:


Let us start with the amazing idea; arranging yarns of different eye-catching colors can create such a lovely thing which serves perfect if a person prefer to gift it.

It’s Finished….. Since I’m the only guy…. The pressure was on to finish…. I’ve had so much fun making this Afghan… My Mother woulda loved to have made this one… Now on to the next one..  John M. Tustin

Now you can see the Afghan crocheting idea which you can use as a bedspread or can fulfill the need of blanket with it. Crocheting for the bedding need is great because it allows the person to make anything and in any color suiting the surrounding items.

Crocheted & Shared by:  Barbara Summers

Here is another idea which can be crocheted as the bedspread or as a blanket, it is great to crochet for the kids because they need to be kept warm in the winter season and if it is used as the bedspread as well as another piece is crocheted as a blanket, then it works best in providing the needed warmth to the children.

Made this using leftover yarn, very pleased with the results. Free pattern from Red Heart….Log Cabin Afghan.  Judy Couture

This is the Afghan crocheting idea with the floral design which is great for the bedroom of the daughter as the flowers are as sensitive as the daughters, so it is a perfect idea for adorning the room of the girls. It looks nice and adds color to the room as it is colorful.

Finished my Afghan. The lady I made it for LOVES IT.  Susan J. Smith

You can also crochet the bedspread with this floral design, the flowers are crocheted in the square boxes randomly because if every square box contains the flora design; then it becomes messy in looks which is not a good idea for crocheting a bedspread for an adult’s bedroom.

I just finished my scrap afghan.  Cheryl Walling

The enchanting ideas for the Afghan crocheting is best for those who want to learn crocheting because it is simple, many products can be crocheted at home to fulfill the need for home usage like the decorative items which not only helps in adorning the home in a unique way, but also inspire others.

Crocheted & Shared by:  Deolinda Rosales

Here you can see the crocheted items which you can use as a blanket for a baby or can also use as the table cloth for the table in the kid’s room. Kids love the cartoon themed items in their room, so it is a good idea to crochet and gift them.

I made this afghan for my daughter, actually it was originally for her birthday in October but i underestimated how long it would take me!  Kelly McDonald Pietrzyk

The combination of white, dark and light purple color is looking nice. It is a sober combination for a sober room decoration, it is perfect for those who feel cold more than normal people in the winter season and love to become cozy. You can make impressive items using these ideas, so try any of them which you will surely love.

Crocheted & Shared by:  Karen Evelyn Counsell


This is an Afghan I made last winter while in Florida. It was the first Afghan I’d crochet in over 30 years & I am extremely proud of how it turned out. Today my daughter & her family get to enjoy it in their home.  Blanche McKinney


My second ScrapAfghan I made this in a week- grows really fast! This time I carried white all the way through and used another strand of scrap yarn. (2 strands all the way through) I never repeated any of the colors. I chained 100 and used the Half Double Crochet stitch. 4 rows of each color. I used a 11.50mm P hook White yarn is Caron One Pounder most of the colored yarn is red heart.  Tina Hill


It took about 2 years to complete, but finally finished this afghan. Done with the afghan stitch.  Gail Coleman


Crocheted & Shared by:  Bert Riddle


Crocheted & Shared by:  Maryann DeRosier Jacobsen


Crocheted & Shared by:  Denise Falotico DiPalma


just finished this for my friend Robin Frantom! A lot of work & time, but I am so proud of myself, the first afghan I have ever done!  Gale Kinkade


Crocheted & Shared by:  Kathi Vestal


Finished this last night. Peppermint Afghan.  Vicky Barboza


My very first afghan I started it before Thanksgiving and finished it before the New Year! I had a really rough start, I wasn’t sure how wide it should be. I frogged it more times than I’d like to remember. But it’s done. I told the hubby not to stretch it or wash it because I’m willing to bet money I dont have that it will fall apart. Any advice on how to tie in ends at color changes and how to do edges?  Nichole Sowle


A couple more rounds and this is done! I have never made anything this big. I usually have the attention span for hats, sometimes sets of mittens.  Victoria I. Matheson


This Afghan done out of head in slip stitch and hdc.  Susan J. Smith


Crocheted & Shared by:  Denise Surratt Leeper


This is the afghan I made for my daughter. I am also trying to include the appliqués that were applied to one corner. However, I may need to make a separate post.  Penny Mazonna