Enhance The Beauty of Tables with Crochet Table Runners


Crocheting is a technique that assists in making the home look different because not all of the individuals know how to crochet and most of the homeowners don’t pay focus on using the knitted items to adorn the home. So, learning this technique is a good idea for those who love to impress others with their creativity as this technique allows crocheting almost everything that can add to the grace of the home decoration. We love to show innovative ideas of home decoration and here is a few ideas of crochet table runners:

Enhance The Beauty of Tables with Crochet Table Runners

Let us start with the most amazing idea in which the flower is crocheted with 2 different shades of orange colored yarn; the leaves are also crocheted with 2 shades of green. The outer layer of white color is making the inner design look prominent and it is looking nice on the table.

crochet table runner 1
Crocheted & Shared by:  Cristina da Silva

Here is the idea for a big table and this idea of crochet table runner can be copied if the person wants to cover the whole table. You can see some of the crocheted flowers are of single shade while some of them are crocheted using different shades.

crochet table runner 9
Crocheted & Shared by:  Luciana Schaefer

An amazing idea and it is perfect to crochet for the dining room as it will surely impress the guests, this type of crochet table runner should be crocheted for placing in the center of the table. This idea will not allow placing the things on the table for dining, so this should be kept in mind.

crochet table runner 4
Crocheted & Shared by:  Eliane Lacomski

Here is another outstanding idea of crocheting table runner for the dining table, but the size of the table runner should be measured before crocheting because there should be enough space around the table runners to place the plates and glass for enjoying the dinner.

crochet table runner 14
Crocheted & Shared by:  Lucineia Hammes Malheiro

This idea is covering the whole table which is not looking weird, but one can crochet a table runner of small size as well if she wants to place just in the center leaving some space free around it. The color combination is eye-catching; this idea is perfect for those who love flowers.

crochet table runner 3
Crocheted & Shared by:  Tatiane Costa

A homeowner can enhance the beauty of the home by crocheting table runner with this idea because it is unique and something round is needed for crocheting around it. Gifting a crocheted table runner is a good idea which shows that the receiver is valuable that the person spent time and work hard to prepare the gift.

crochet table runner 7
Crocheted & Shared by:  Tania Marques


crochet table runner 2 - 1

crochet table runner 2 - 2

crochet table runner 2

crochet table runner 2 - 3
Above 4 Crocheted & Shared by:  Jussara Pacheco


crochet table runner 5
Crocheted & Shared by:  Jeanette Yates


crochet table runner 6
Crocheted & Shared by:  Nairah Joplin


crochet table runner 8
Crocheted & Shared by:  Tejidos Crochet de Mirian


crochet table runner 10
Crocheted & Shared by:  Patricia Harris Boggs


crochet table runner 11
Crocheted & Shared by:  Carlene Watkins


crochet table runner 12
Finally!!!done with my crochet tablecloth, happy and satisfied crocheter. Jax Alvaran


crochet table runner 13
Crocheted & Shared by:  Gislaine Fiorenza Siqueira