Hand Crochet Bags


I guess if you have to make a woman happy or you have to buy something for her birthday or any other occasions, having a handbag could be one of the best options at hands because most of them are literally obsessed with these handbags. This is such an accessory that is literally a symbol of her feminism and also her fashion statement. So in short the handbags are very much loved by all the fashion loving adorable ladies. Now if we talk about crocheting some of these handbags, isn’t this a phenomenal idea to make them even happier?


Just like this handbag that is full of multiple thread shades and also looks like an artistic crocheted cushion cover that is actually a stylish handbag. Just look at the color range that is opted for this particular project, this is really phenomenal.

Created & Shared by:  Wendi Chong

Are you loving these rings on the frontal surface of these crocheted handbags? Even I am really loving them a lot. They just look like a perfect demonstration of a very fine piece of art that is made with sheer expertise and love for sure. The frontal brooches made with same thread shade render it a more adorable look.

Created & Shared by:  Crochet Passion

Even with this one you can grab the immediate attention of the people in your surroundings. A very sensible and rather smart color scheme is applied throughout. Plus the space that is being offered would serve many of your needs while you are going out somewhere.

Created & Shared by:  Imaan Khan

And this dark shocking red handbag would be an ideal accessory for the teens I guess. But not any condition, even the frown up ladies can try this depending on their mood. The best thing is that all of these bags have got their detailed description of stitch pattern, have a look on them and give them a try.

Created & Shared by:  Shumaila Imtiaz


So in April I took an online class in something called freeform crochet. I’ve put my project aside several times for several reasons but it’s finally done! It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I love it!  Luanne Eastman Kleiman


In love with this pattern and colour. Taking orders for the same.  The CraftOwl


Created & Shared by:  Seema Gandhi


Crocheted myself this bag few days ago and decided to add lining today. Took nearly as Long as the time to crochet the bag but quite happy with the result. It’s all hand sewn (because I’m allergic to sewing machines.  Jessica Pau


Created & Shared by:  Designers Crochet


Created & Shared by:  Patricia Andrews


Another order ready to be dispatched !  Crochet Passion


Hi all hope you had a good weekend, thought i would show off my new item. An african flower bag fully lined, this bag can be made in any colour combo of your choice. so. if you would like to place an order come on over and say hi. If you would like more info please let me know.  Cheecky gifts