Handmade Crochet Baby Set Inspirations


There is no bliss on planet earth that can match to the happiness on having children. They literally become the centre of our life and we do make all efforts to make them happier with all of our energies and money as well. Shopping for the kids and newly born is a sensitive and complicated issue. But we have made it pretty easy for you all, yes we really mean it. I mean who on planet earth would still like to go shopping when they have got these handmade crochet baby set inspirations? They are too cute to be neglected.


When we talk about the kids accessories, they are pretty large in number. Especially in the case of baby girls like you just cannot limit them. That’s why here we see a whole wide range of different kids accessories for baby girl and all of them are crocheted.


Same pattern with different colors and size…  Aluri Falguni

This seems pretty perfect for the baby boys, but I guess the girls would also look cute in this thread shade. Such lighter shades suit on kids with different complexion. Synthetic buttons and the further embellishments have added a lot of charm in this simple crochet craft.

This week project completed.  Christine Sambrooks

This is quite difficult for me to find another crocheted frock that is prettier than this one. This is just so cute that feel like kissing it. The white border line along with the silken lacy additions have given it a look that can never be found in the market oriented kids accessories.

Crocheted & Shared by:  Carol Yurik

And in the end we thought to just finish with some crocheted kids accessory set that would leave an impact on all of the fellow crochet crafter ladies. The thread shades are awesome, the stitch pattern is impressive and above all the little cute booties look to me like little honey bars.

HOTH .. For a friend’s baby boy  Ayesha Khan


Added a little bit more to layette set. Pattern says 3-6mos. Having lots of fun hooking.  Cindy Bean


Crocheted & Shared by:  Aluri Falguni


Crocheted & Shared by:  Rita De Angelis


Crocheted & Shared by: ramanjeet.dayal


Baby diaper cover, booties and headband. Crocheting baby things is so much fun.  June Flickinger





Above four Crocheted & Shared by:  Sheila Radford


Meu primeiro conjunto, acabei de terminar amei o resultado Vestidinho e sapatinho princesa  Micheli De Oliveira Garrido


Olá meninas. Estou contente em entrar neste grupo. Aqui esta um dos meus trabalhos.  Rosie Ames


I wanted to share these with everyone. My mother made them for me 27 years ago. She made even the flowers on them.  Jenny Najeeb


Set made to raise money for a rugby fund.  Julie Bulman


A friend of mine asked me to make a set for her new granddaughter! What do you think?  Rebeca Garcia


Just finished – not sure if I should put a star or two on the vest.  Deborah Anne Signor


Just finish this newborn set. Just beginning to sell things. What’s the best way to figure out how much to sell stuff for? I was thinking 20 for this set, but I have no idea what people would pay. Thoughts??  Joy Clark Hickey