Pretty Ideas for Crochet Barefoot Sandals


Okay, so girls, how does it sound to crochet some barefoot sandals? Isn’t this entirely a new though and approach? Maybe some others have worked on it especially with the crochet, but on this platform this is the very first project where we are going to present a large variety of pretty ideas of crochet barefoot sandals. They are basically from the South Asian origin and mostly they are carried on beach weddings, religious and other formal gatherings just for the decoration purpose and not properly as the protection measure. Knitting them with crochet would be an exciting experience.


I am starting with this very romantic turquoise thread knitted barefoot sandal. From the upper side it has got a perfect shape of a sandal, but as this is supposed to be a barefoot sandal so it has got no formal sole. So make sure you have plans to carry it on sand or maybe on some clean floor where there are no stones or thorns at all. I have added some beads of green shade that have really added a lot to the beauty of this single shaded barefoot sandal. Match it with your dress and enjoy this new experience.

While this one is certainly made for a baby girl. That is why we have made a very wise selection of the crochet threads here as this was supposed to be the creation out of some shocking or atleast the kids oriented shades. So we have used one shocking and one baby oriented shade here. The palm motif is mixed with both the shades, the frontal ring connecting the finger is made with the pink one. While the rest of the portion is made in the simplest manner that was really handy to make.

And here comes a perfectly beach stuff like it has got floral motifs on the front like three in a row that are similar in size and shape. And each next one is connected with a green leaf that was also knitted with the crochet thread. We have created it entirely with the crochet work, despite of this isolated crochet work this barefoot sandal is lacking simply nothing. It has got the style, it has got attitude and above all the color combination is very phenomenal. This is also very ideal for some beach wedding too where the venue is set and planned accordingly.

This is again a very delicate and simple barefoot crocheted. A simple ring in the middle is the origination place from where we have added the extensions mostly using the single stitch pattern. One more important thing is the single shaded thread that is pure white that is used throughout the project. This seems like a perfect sandal but actually it hasn’t got a proper sole. This would look so nice on the white and properly toned feet. Obviously matching the skin or the complexion of the skin with the crochet thread is another important phenomenon while working on these knitting projects of barefoot sandals.

Wow, let me prevent myself from falling in love with these mere feet, like right now I am not concerned about the rest of the body and the actual appearance. These barefoot sandals crocheted with thread have left me obsessed. I am already a fanatic admirer of beautiful hands and feet, just imagine putting it on and going in front of your beloved, I simply haven’t got the words to elaborate how it feels. A very beautiful design of crochet is demonstrated over here in this project. And feels as if the black thread was just made for this specific project.

Here the next project is even simpler. Very light and delicate crochet work is demonstrated here. Just these tiny round floral embellishments are crocheted and each one of them is connected to the next one with a single lining of crocheted string. Same single stitch pattern is applied throughout the project. And the quality of the pure white thread makes it a universal footwear like you cay carry it with any apparel of your choice, formal or casual whatever is the demand of the occasion or the vent. This one is so damn easy to execute.

In this project we had deliberately used one single thread shade because this was supposed to be carried with a matching dress that was especially prepared for a wedding event. The beads of green shade that we have added here in this project are very cheap cost wise, and they can be bought very easily from the market. These are the same stones or beads that are used frequently in artificial jewelry making crafts. They have rendered a very decorative and fancy look to these ordinary barefoot crocheted sandals. So I guess this experiment really worked for us.

Wow, here is something perfectly traditional and typical in nature. Seems like the perfect representation of the South Asian taste and the colors that are preferred over there. The earlier ones were designed according to the Western taste. Double tilted backward stitch pattern is applied here throughout the project. And also the color scheme is decided very cautiously as we were intending to come up with something typically Asian. Seems like a perfectly exhibition material. As far as the crocheting is concerned, this could be a bit tricky for the learners or the beginners. So better only the mentors give it a try.

My goodness, feels like I am going to fall in love tonight as I simply cannot take it all together. These are so heart snatching knitting projects that I am literally driven away with them. Just look at this exquisite barefoot sandal project, simple sea green crochet thread is used along with the studded pearls that are again a very cheap yet very impact making accessory that is very easily available in the market. A very simple stitch pattern is applied throughout the slim isolated crocheted string, and the pearls are studded throughout the lining as a bordering object.

While this one is more of a sophisticated and decent approach. Mere one single thread of dark brown shade is applied here. The ankle covering patch is also having a properly knitted brooch that can be seen from the rear. So this is sort of heavily crocheted and very full sort of bulky barefoot sandal. Very tight stitch lock is followed here to keep the thread intact and erect as well. This would look ideal on white feet, and can be carried both casually and formally as well. Just make up your mind when exactly you are going to carry this one.

And here the chick seems to be already enjoying on the beach for what it was meant to. Three cute tiny rings crocheted with different threads have rendered it more of a casual look. So would be an ideal footwear for a day out on the beach with your boyfriend or maybe your husband. These barefoot sandals are just meant for the decoration purpose. Never consider them as a substitute of proper sandals or any other shoes. And make sure you are carrying them at a certain place where there is no fear of getting harmed.