Simply Amazing Crocheted Blankets


Before we start the discussion on these crocheted blankets, I want you to tell me that how many among you have tried some of the earlier crochet blanket projects that we have presented in the past? Like just a couple of weeks ago, I had a very encouraging a cheering feedback from your side showing your deep interest in the said project. Some of them were the afghan crochet patterns, I am sure you would have tried some of them as all of them were just irresistibly great. Here we have got some more of the simply amazing crocheted blankets.


Like the very first crochet project over here is a multi colored crocheted blanket. Looking at the color scheme we can easily conclude that this one is closer to the traditional approach. Each inner square in knitted with different thread shades, and the bordering area is lined with single shaded thread.

My granny square blanket, I made it in 2014  Kamalat Dahbour

While this one is a relatively dull shaded crocheted blanket. As far as the warmth of this knitted blanket is concerned that is simply out of this world. It would be soft, it would be hot and at the same time it would be full of style and impression as well.

This is my take on your one just turned the squares  Gillian Raine

Just look at the awesome wavy pattern of this crocheted blanket, some of the fantastic thread shades were opted for this certain project that are pretty shocking. Plus the color combination is also very exclusive. This would just look awesome on any bed spread that you use on your room bed.

Created & Shared by:  Trish Clay

And again in the end we have got an immensely artistic crocheted blanket that is made out of two different thread shades that again makes it ideal for all arrangements. The stitch pattern is quite simple, and a relatively thicker thread is used for this particular project.

Finally finished! 8×8 snow flake pattern  Tammy Rader Everhart


This is another set I ve made  Unis Brown



This was the first blanket i crocheted before loosing my sight in 2010. I made this in 1999.  Michelle Hoeppner


This was one of my larger blankets that I made last year for my nephew, Im so proud! He is 6 and came to the store with me to pick out his own colors.  Laurie Kelly Betlejewski


Just finished this.. waffle stitch! Biggest blanket I’ve made and the design is my own creation! It’s not perfect a few little errors, but it was a labour of love!  Rebecca Valentine-Dunn


I just finished this in Caron cakes buttercream. My daughter says it’s boring and blah. Hmmmffff. Pattern is granny stitch, available on YouTube. HOW TO CROCHET A HALF GRANNY SQUARE SHAWL by Woolpedia.  Alice Theoret Bourque


Thank you Bella coco! Have just learnt to crochet with you and this is my first finished piece!  Karen Bennett


this blanket i just finished this morning king size blanket, as taken me nearly 12months to make.  Raylene Ann Stephanos


First bobble stitch blanket!  Kathy Howard


Finally finished something for me  Kelly Brook


Finished my red blanket. Full blocks. Half blocks. And quater blocks.  Ams Huisamen


Created & Shared by:  Creative Creations


Just got to add these pom-poms to the corners, sew in the last few ends and then can call this one done! Phew!
Block stitch granny square blanket in bright rainbow colours from style craft special dk.  Nicola Judd


This one is finally done and dusted! 2 wips finished in 2 days…it’s so unlike me to actually complete a project that I think it’s a no brainer that I celebrate by buying more yarn!  Tanis Faracli


Battling migraines lately, but I got my first ever blanket finished. It will be a Christmas gift for my sister and her hubs. Very gloomy here again, so not the best pics but I’m delighted with the results and hope they will be, too. Now to decide what the next homemade pressie will be!  Alexandra Nielsen


For Beryl Turner was this the blanket you saw. I posted it last week. I followed Bella Coco’s tutorial for the granny sunburst square and added an extra round.  Denise Hale


Created & Shared by:  Amandine Decodts


Finished my husband’s blanket at 2:30 this morning he is going to be very happy and surprised when he come home from work and find it on the back of his chair and just in time for the cold weather!  Hagen Lynnette Smith-Henson


Created & Shared by:  Myria Allen


I did this with some super chunky wool love it  Pam Graham


Finally finished my c2c single throw for our travel trailer, that I was nervous to try. Used Bernat Blanket yarn in Cream/Teal- wasn’t sure about the colour change but I think it turned out pretty good. Doreen Quirt


Another one made for charity.  Linda Head


crochet-blanket-26 crochet-blanket-26-1 crochet-blanket-26-3

So back at the end of August I posted about my new job, studying, learning panto lines and completing a CTM double bed sized blanket for my mum for Christmas. When my two brothers and nephew decided that they wanted blankets too. Anyway here is the progress. Burgandy and cream one only needs 4 more rows and it’s finished.  Eleanor Hamilton


First Sunburst double blanket throw! With the wave edging In stylecraft special DK yarn! Love the hot summer colour’s ( for my Granddaughter!)  Christine Williams


Created & Shared by:  Cindy Kennedy Young


Created & Shared by:  Charlotte Hayes


Created & Shared by:  Colleen Cornell