Stunning Crochet Bathroom


Well, I know I am bringing a bit too much crocheted products especially for the bathrooms but that doesn’t mean at all that I really like to spend most of my time there. Although I still confess that I prefer reading newspaper there in the morning. That is why I feel much for the ones who have to spend some excessive time there in the bathroom, I am just striving to make their surroundings much charming and favorable so that they just enjoy their time there. I have got right here another stunning bathroom crochet that would really leave you stunned.


Referring to some of our earlier articles where we have brought you some whole detailed projects carrying certain bathroom sets and we have had a really massive feedback where people were really showing their deep interest in those projects.

I do know very well that such artistic knitted projects are not advised inside some lavishly decorated bungalows and villas, but in some traditionally built and decorated houses such typical art projects always do wonders. So let me assure you that if you have got a place which is pretty appropriate for such projects, you are just going to love them once they are used inside the house especially your bathroom properly.

Have a look on this especially designed bathroom set, it has got one thing in the common, and that is the red bug that we usually don’t like much but the way it is knitted on this bathroom set this would really fascinate us with its shocking thread shade and the black dots.

On the other hand having an overall analysis, the white thread shade is applied as the base shade in all three pieces.  Some other shades are also mixed along with the light shade to render it a balanced and soothing touch.

Purchase Inquiry / Created & Shared by: Eliana Ribeiro