Adorable Crochet Scarf Designs


From last couple of days I know we are mainly distracting from those of the routine crochet projects and we are experimenting with some of the knitted things that are not usually well worked on. Just for instance let’s talk about a crocheted scarf. Well, a scarf could certainly be one of the best crocheted commodity and this is the best art to make a traditional scarf but we don’t see much work being done on that subject all around and even on the internet. I don’t think that this is because the scarf has become something outdated or old fashioned right?

We are never supposed to keep making those single shaded straight and simple typical scarves that were just a tool for being protected from the cold winter season and nothing else. We can always try such crazy things like making some caricatures on the edges and all.

Finished the owl superscarf ?  Gayle Trowman

Or maybe even if we still want to keep it as simple as possible because this is going to be carried by some very self conscious and decent sort of lady, still we can manage to do some floral work like making some brooches on the end to add a lot of embellishments in these ordinary crocheted things.

To owl or not to owl; that is the question. ? My dear hubby thinks Sarah’s super owl scarf is cute without the owl. What do you ladies think? Sarah’s Pattern on Repeat Crafter Me  JoLynda Hayes

This one is so elegant and adorable that this one looks more like a crocheted tie that is made out of the best thread shades. One is the deep dark and the other is of a lighter tone. Just some little tiny crocheted hearts are made on the front.

Just finished making this little scarf for a family member for christmas and i’m totally in Love with it!! (Not sure on a pattern, I found a picture online and recreated it as could not find a pattern)  Soph Farrell

While this one is probably meant for the teens and even the younger ones as the color combination that is applied here seems more casual and rough as compared to the last ones. Seems to be inspired from rainbow, so such projects are considered best for the kids especially.

I made this one with the pattern. I made it a flower power scarf instead of a owl.  Shawn Proveaux


First scarf made for the cold weather 🙂 Tonya Phillips Eades


I just completed this last night using Caron Cakes for my daughter. Her color choice. It is about 105″ including the fringe. She wanted it long enough to wrap around her head twice and still have it hang in the front. Will be good for cold.Ottawa Canada winters.  Heather Leighton Waddingham


Lacy bobble stitch scarf with Caron cake. 


This is the first scarf I have made in the 4 years I have been crocheting. Yarn is I Love This Yarn color is sorbet ribbon. I used the crochet crowd pattern c2c scarf. Super simple. I am very happy with it.  Amanda Messer


I don’t like purple much but I’m loving this combo and the stitch. (Fpdc &bpdc)  Lucille Lloyd


Made my own display for my up coming craft show….  Jessica Beck Garverick


My cutie with her new hat & scarf! ?? the scarf has pockets for her hands!! Thankfully she loves it!!! ?? Sandy Pape