Crochet Vest with Bonnet


As the weather is changing and feels like chilling cold weather is going to be ahead very soon, we have already started making arrangements for the winter accessories like we are especially conscious about the clothes that would be used during the winter season. So while making these generic arrangements, what would you say about having a crochet vest with bonnet? Sounds pretty great right? Even I am very excited to present you this adorable vest that is a bit traditional and very stylishly knitted for sure. It has got a variety of thread shades and above all the style is very impressive that would complement any sort of dressing you carry.


First of all have a thorough look on the whole project, you are going to have a strange feeling of art blended with sheer style and attitude. This wide and long knitted vest would cover almost whole of your body and would prevent you from getting cold.

Apart from the protective aspect, this is going to render a mesmerizing touch to your personality and appearance as well. As it has got a huge number of thread shades. Like all colors of rainbow. And many shocking colors are mixed along the lighter tones.

The synthetic buttons on the front that are pretty huge are adding more charm and attraction to the article. We see various stitch patterns throughout the project. Like in some parts we see a single round stitch pattern while in some parts we see the half double reverse stitch.

And in the end the best thing is the bonnet that is rarely seen in this way. Here again we see the same colors are being employed, and some very fascinating embellishments are used on the front. So on the whole this project is really worth consideration.

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