Doll of Crochet by Juliene de Jesus‎


Hello girls and ladies, do you remember our promise we made in the very beginning of the platform that we are not going to resort to mere typical crochet creations? I guess we are keeping our word very firmly and you all ought to agree with us. Okay, tell me how many among you are familiar with the Japanese Amigurumi art? The project that we have come up with today is slightly influenced from that art. The mentioned crafter has dared to make a very cute and adorable doll and I am sure you all would love this new crocheting idea.


Before going into the details I would like to remind you all that we have already presented a number of projects in some earlier articles where some knitted or crocheted projects were made where we used certain materials for filling. If you gone through those projects then this one again is just going to be so handy.
crocheted-doll crochet-made-doll

Another thing is the color combination and the thread shades that are used inside this project. The creator has resorted to some of the lighter shades that would render it a very lighter tone. And also a large number of thread shades is also involved in it.
crochet-knitted-doll crochet-doll

On the other hand if we talk about the further embellishments that are used to further decorate the crocheted doll, they include some silken patches, anklets, knitted shoes and a whole range of embellishments is rendered to this doll for further beautification.
crochet-doll crochet-doll-plan

If anyone of you is planning a birthday present for her baby doll, I think you just cannot have a better option that creating this awesome crocheted piece. Mostly the double round stitch pattern is used in making the yellow frock, and even the hair of doll are knitted with crochet.

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