Easy Crochet Afghan Patterns


If we go into the depth of some famously crocheted patterns we would find that mostly the Afghan crochet patterns are very famous in this regard. We find so many adorable designs and stitch patterns along with strange color schemes that render a typical look to the knitted items and they are more associated to the more conventional work. Like this sort of work is good for typical and routine knitting work. That is why we have brought a whole wide range of different Afghan crochet patterns that are not so difficult apparently. But they could be the one for the beginners and amateurs.


Navajo Triangle Strips Crochet Afghan

The pattern I am bringing here in the article is called the Navajo triangle strips crochet Afghan pattern. It has got a very stylish crochet pattern that is ideal for traditional cloaks, though they are not very much in fashion in the West but we still have got the options to use them in various other knitted creations like bed spreads or some furniture covers. We see very dull thread shades are mostly applied here throughout the project yet it is executed very professionally. This is ideal for the winter season as dark shades look really good in that season.

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50 Stars Afghan Crochet Afghan

The next one in the line is named as the 50 stars afghan crochet. The title is followed by various stars that are knitted in the crochet cloak. Here we see that relatively some darker shades are applied along with some lighter shades. So this combination of dark and light shades have very smartly balanced the color tone. Plus the design is also awesome with mixed tone of colors that makes an ideal furniture cover for indoor and outdoor as well. Plus the white border lining following the double stitch pattern has rendered it a thicker look.

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Almost Preppy Plaid Crochet Afghan

This almost preppy plaid crochet afghan is another very awesome and stylish piece of trendy crochet work. I would rather say that this is more of a traditional sort of work that is massively used in the daily affairs and house hold matters like this is used as the furniture cover. We have tried to again balance out the color ton by introducing multiple thread shades that are mixed tone wise. And in the end the deep red border throughout the project gives it a unified and decent touch. This would make a best cover out of it.

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American Fireworks Afghan Crochet Afghan

Now talk a bit about this specific project, don’t these color seem a bit familiar? Like the navy blue this is a darker shade and some touch of the red along with white. Yes they are familiar man, this American fireworks afghan crochet is named right after the thread color scheme that we have observed over here. Again this seems like a perfect remedy for the winter season needs. The stitch pattern used in it makes it multi dimensional like this could be used for various things like on the dining table, or to cover some furniture items and also inside the kitchen too.

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Loop-n-Lace Irish Lace & Roses Afghan

Wow, with this one I would say I am already driven away. This is such a fine and classic piece of crochet art that this irresistibly awesome. I am literally running short of words to explain this one as this is beyond my comprehension. So much delicacy and sophistication is poured inside this specific project that this loop and lace Irish lace and roses Afghan pattern is simply out of this world. This is a world class sort of craft item that can be compared with any famous art work having commendable stitch patterns and also the color combination.

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Bluebonnet Bliss Crochet Afghan

Now this is something very interesting, like the stitch pattern used in here is a bit rough looking, yet it is pretty ideal for the purpose that we have opted it for. It looks more like a ground rug but the color scheme that we have introduced in it is simply phenomenal. This color scheme makes it look so awesome that this would make the one of the best décor art crafts inside your lavishly arranged home interior. Plus the border pattern is also very classic that was obviously very hard to knit but on the end it has really paid off very well.

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Bright Waves Crochet Afghan

This sort of crocheted crafts are getting even trendier now a days. Infact in some traditions these are counted as the trademarks or the essentials components. And obviously the South Asian regions including the Afghanistan is also among those traditions. They are used mostly as the wooden furniture item covers. But in the West they are also gaining some high reputation and are being acclaimed widely as we are also very huge admirers of all forms of art. This bright waves crochet pattern is obviously meant to be used as the wooden furniture cover, so all the waves inside the project are knitted with some brighter shades except a couple as the base shade.

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Braided Cable Crochet Afghan

Now this is something perfectly Western inspired thing like it offers a glimpse of westernized touch. The easy chair is wrapped up with this braided cable crochet afghan. The braid is typical of some girlish stuff, so seems like the belongings of some very stylish lady who is more conscious of her lifestyle. And this braided knitted thing represent it so well and effectively. This is entirely crocheted in the bright white crochet thread which has rendered it more brighter and livelier look.

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Boy Wrapper Crochet Afghan

Do you see the silken string in the border throughout this boy wrapper crochet afghan? This seems so cute right? Well, as this was meant to be a boy wrapper so that is why we have used the perfect thread shade that is most appropriate for the baby boys, the light blue tone, and this silken string reminds us of the innocence and delicacy of the little boy. This would make an ideal cot cover and for the time being in mild winter season this could also be used as a blanket for the little boy.

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Antique Medallions Crochet Afghan

Wow, here comes the antique medallion crochet afghan which is so damn antique just like its title. We have very accurately opted for the thread shades to make it a perfectly unique knitted stuff, like the dull red along with the light brown shade which is slightly an impractical color combination, but this strange combination is exactly the thing that has made it look like a real antique stuff. This would be more than perfect on the traditional couches and the other wooden furniture articles. Make the cushion covers out of it or maybe the whole cover of the couch.

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Arabesque Crochet Afghan

While here you see these huge empty spaces among all stitches. This Arabesque crochet Afghan is more prone to the extreme weather conditions so this cannot be an alternate of some warm cloaks or warm spreads. This is purely something meant for the decoration purpose. Like you can cover some wooden table with it, or maybe you can put it on the main dining table of the house or on any other wooden installation. The color tones used in it are more of typical nature that are much closer to the traditional instincts. So make your mind whether this suits your taste or not.

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Baby’s Quick Ripple Crochet Afghan

Awwww… this baby’s ripple is so damn cute simply. All the very fine shades that are perfectly good for the infants are used in this crochet project. The thicker double stitch pattern is used throughout the project, the border is knitted with the bright white shade all around. You have got a number of options where you can use this piece of art the babies like this would make a very pleasant appearance on baby’s cot, or on his pram, or his cloth basket, just put it anywhere and it is simply going to make him happy.

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Holiday Star Afghan Crochet Afghan

This one is really impressive. Like it gives a very lighter feeling as we see the light base shade mostly in the whole of the crochet project, and just a touch of some other shades is given inside the knitted stuff like stars that are knitted with the deep red and black crochet thread both of which are relatively very darker shades. Despite of the small size and contribution of these tiny starts the color tone is very finely balanced out and holiday star afghan crochet is simply a real demonstration of decent crochet work and art.

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Navajo Diagonal Squares Crochet Afghan

This Navajo diagonal square is probably the continuation of the very first project that we have had started with. It has again got that dull and darker color scheme which makes it ideal for the extreme winter season. Thick double stitch pattern is used in here. All of these crocheted projects inspired from the afghan art and traditions are worldly acclaimed and people really like them. They are getting more and more appreciation with every passing day in the West. To try out these afghan crochet plans you have to be very well equipped with all basic skills and obviously some inspiration that we have sorted out right here for you.

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