Stunning Dreamcatchers Crocheted by Brenda Donals


As there are different myths and different beliefs of the individuals living in different parts of the world, American Indians believe that creating or owning a dream catcher give good dreams to the owner; so they are created in different colors. Some people crochet the Dreamcatchers with their own hand because they want to see good dreams while others crochet them just to decorate their home. So, no matter for what the individuals crochet Dreamcatcher, they look nice. They can be crocheted in many different designs and styles; some of the stunning Dreamcatcher crocheting ideas by Brenda Donals are shown here:
Stunning Dreamcatchers Crocheted by Brenda Donals

We would love to show you a unique Dreamcatcher crocheting idea, which gives a look that there are 2 flowers crocheted into it. See the small flower in the center and a big flower outside it, the shape of both flowers is different.
crochet dreamcatcher 1

This idea is same as the one shown above, just the color combination is different, the flower in the center is crocheted with a single color and the other big flower is crocheted with 3 different yarn shades. The color combination is attractive and it makes the wall look great on which it is hanged.
crochet dreamcatcher 2

Now here is the Dreamcatcher crocheting idea for the orange color lovers, the black combination is making it look awesome. This is another idea with the same design, but the different color combination just to give you an idea of how amazing this design looks in every color combination.
crochet dreamcatcher 4

Wow, see the combination of white and blue, isn’t it looking nice? The addition of feathers is making it look unique; this idea also contains a flower in the center. A ready-made flower is attached in the center of it and it is optional, it can be eliminated if a person doesn’t like it.
crochet dreamcatcher 5

This is an amazing Dreamcatcher crocheting idea, just black color is used for making it and the diamonds attached to it are making it attractive. This is crocheted with an innovative design; you can see a flower as well as a star in this idea.
crochet dreamcatcher 6

Here is another dark colored Dreamcatcher creation idea; you can see a big flower here. It is not difficult to crochet a Dreamcatcher, a person just needs to learn the crocheting technique and it is great to crochet a Dreamcatcher with own hands.
crochet dreamcatcher 8

In this idea, Brenda Donals used the ready-made butterflies to decorate the Dreamcatcher and they are looking appealing. They are of the same color as the yarn used for crocheting, butterflies of contrast color can be used if a person wants to make the Dreamcatcher look attractive.
crochet dreamcatcher 20

In the end, we would like to present an innovative Dreamcatcher creation idea by Brenda Donals in which the beats are used for creating the hanging hook and the beats are also hanged below, which makes this idea unique and appealing. A pearl is attached to the center and it is looking prominent because a light colored pearl is used on a yarn color that is a little bit darker in shade.
crochet dreamcatcher 21

crochet dreamcatcher 13

crochet dreamcatcher 14

crochet dreamcatcher 24

crochet dreamcatcher 16

crochet dreamcatcher 15

crochet dreamcatcher 23

crochet dreamcatcher 22

crochet dreamcatcher 19

crochet dreamcatcher 18

crochet dreamcatcher 17

crochet dreamcatcher 9

crochet dreamcatcher 10

crochet dreamcatcher 11

crochet dreamcatcher 12

crochet dreamcatcher 7

crochet dreamcatcher 3

Crocheted & Shared by:  Brenda Donals