Kids Fun Ideas with Crocheted Dolls


Kids love to play with the toys and the ones which are created with cotton or yarns are the best for them because they are soft and the chances of hurting them are less. It is not hard to crochet the dolls and the other designs for creating the decorative cartoon characters for the kids, a person should only know how to use the crocheting sticks properly. Here we have collected some ideas for the crocheted dolls which are easy to copy and will be loved by your kids as they are fun ideas for them.

Kids Fun Ideas with Crocheted Dolls

Dolls are loved by the girls and they also like to set different types of dolls in their room to make it look girly, so here is the inspiring crocheting idea for doll. It is not hard to copy and it will not take much time in completion.

crocheted dolls 1
One of my most prized creations. I used size 10 thread and more hours than I cared to count. Everything, including the lace is crocheted. The doll was an old Barbie I found destined for the trash that I ‘rehabilitated’. Lynn Stevens Hawkins

Now come to an idea for the doll frock crocheting, the colors used for this are light pink and white. The pink colored yarns are used for binding the hair of the doll and the idea is amazing for the girl, who loves to decorate the doll in a unique way.

crocheted dolls 2
Crocheted & Shared by: Anthony Acrkah

The idea we have shown here is full crocheted doll, the only other material used in this doll is the buttons of the doll which are utilized to create her eyes. Light and dark both colors are used for creating this doll and every color is complementing the other.

crocheted dolls 3
My Laura, pattern by Adriënne Verstraten. Yvonne Arends

Another idea for a different looking doll is here, this is a snowman doll. The hands, muffler and the hat are crocheted with the light and dark purple color. Cotton is also used in this crocheting idea, which is making the doll look innovative. Small button are making its eyes and the doll is good in looks.

crocheted dolls 4
So it’s taken me since New Year but this little dude is finally finished! Christie Milsom

This amazing crocheting idea for doll requires some time in completion because the doll as well as its clothes are crocheted with hands. The hair of the doll is created with the yarns and the eyebrows are also crocheted.

crocheted dolls 5
Crocheted & Shared by: Harpa Mikac

Here the presented idea is for the girl, who is small; but loves baking. The doll is looking like a clown and there are baking tools in her hands. The pastry on its hat is adding grace to the idea. The colorful doll is great to adorn the room of a girl.

crocheted dolls 6
Crocheted & Shared by: Elaine Roberts

Crocheting any product is easy and doll is great to be crocheted because it makes the room of a girl complete by decorating it. The combination of light and dark colors is looking amazing. The red color of the hat is looking graceful and the dark blue color with light blue shade is making the doll attractive.

crocheted dolls 7
Crocheted & Shared by: Gillian Tronson

In the end, we would like to show you an innovative crocheting doll idea with the selection of a sober and unique color combination. The hair of the doll is long and they are created with the yarn by twisting it. The eyes of the doll are crocheted and it is not difficult to crochet the eyes if the person is good at crocheting.

crocheted dolls 8
Crocheted & Shared by: Eileen Hollins


crocheted dolls 9
Crocheted & Shared by: Angella Brooks


crocheted dolls 10
Crocheted & Shared by: Ruth Montgomery


crocheted dolls 11
Crocheted & Shared by: Sheri Howard Lemaster


crocheted dolls 12
Crocheted & Shared by: Genevieve Latraverse


crocheted dolls 13
Crocheted & Shared by: Mary Arakelyan


crocheted dolls 14
Crocheted & Shared by: Belinda Avison