Crochet Toys For Babies


As far as I remember, there have a been a couple of projects in some of the earlier articles where we planned and executed some of the crochet projects where we made some toys for the kids. Some out of them were mostly inspired from the Amigurumi art that is borrowed from the Japanese culture. But we have had literally transformed them in our own way that suited and fitted our atmosphere. Here again I am bringing you some crocheted toys for your babies, this is another way to save a lot of your money and also provide your kids with something even better and harmless.


I don’t think that this chopper bike would just look like a part time toy for your growing kids, but in the given circumstances you can also place it on the wall shelf to make it look like a perfect decoration piece too.

With grt efforts made with my own idea…  Aluri Falguni

This one is certainly inspired form some famous cartoon characters and I know they are a lot, my babies would be in better position to name it. Very limited crochet threads are applied using a pretty simple and straight stitch pattern for your ease. So there is no harm in giving it a try.

Created & Shared by:  Elsa Montanez

I know many among you would be having serious concerns regarding the material that is going to be used for the filling purpose here. So just don’t get worried, we have made all the arrangements that would answer your queries. Go into the links given right below each project.

Created & Shared by:  In A Tangle

I can bet that never one would have seen such a colorful yet moody starfish, still our fellow crafters managed to shape it this way. This could also be used in some of your kid’s science projects. Only three thread shades are needed, this is another incentive and a push forward.

Finally got this little guy done. Been sitting on my shelf for a couple of months. I think he turned out kinda cute ? **cant find link to pattern, sorry (I always work from print outs). I’m sure someone has it.  Tammy Gibson Ward


My first crochet toy… not so easy to make, so I’ll get back to my hats for a while Lol ?  Anca Elena


Created & Shared by:  Ac Chick


Created & Shared by:  April Adriance


This weekend I’ve finished my first project laly.  Griselda Fraga


My very first stuffed animal. It’s not perfect but my little girl adores it!  Emily Anne


Finished Psyduck with pokemon card! Via


So proud of the Horsea I just finished!! Via


Can’t stop making these cute animals. Via


Hello here’s my snowman.  Lilian Cecilia Bravo López