Cute Crochet Backpack


For the time being when other crochet mentors were busy in making some obvious and pretty traditional and routine crochet creations our fellow crafters were striving for some really new and useful ideas and I really applaud their efforts and also commend the efforts of our collaborators as well. Like who on earth would just have thought of knitting a backpack? Inst this a pretty smart idea to execute with crochet? I guess this is going to be a massive support for your day out or maybe when you are going hiking or anything like that. Let’s rush towards the actual craft that is being discussed.


The first and foremost feature of this smart crocheted backpack is the dark and shocking thread shade that could be seen throughout the whole structure of the craft. like it is almost everywhere. But a bit of white thread shade is also added to lighter the tone to some extent.

One more thing that is worth noticing is the ladybugs that which we can see right on the front. Are they of any harm? Well, just kidding. They are just meant for the embellishment purposes, and to further beautify the knitted product.

If we look at the certain stitch pattern of the backpack, it has got a very simple and handy stitch pattern that mostly follows the single stitch pattern throughout. While the white bordering line is pretty fascinating to give a lighter touch to this shocking thread shade that is very well neutralized. On the other hand this cute and handy smart bag would prove to be of the great use for all the folks who just carry it. To increase the strength of the stripes you can add some supportive materials like crayons or anything that is easily available with you.

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