Crochet Mickey Mouse Cap


I have always seen the kids to be very fond of cartoon characters, they just feel very familiar with them and consider them to be the part of their real life. That is why we see many kids related accessories studded with several famous cartoon characters, this lures them a lot. And many famous cartoon characters have ruled this world and scenario for over decades. One among them is the great Mickey Mouse. I think all of us remember him and we have seen him atleast once in the life time. We are bringing you a very cute crochet Mickey Mouse cap that would lure your baby boy.


Please don’t tell me that you haven’t got any idea that why exactly we used this color combination in this certain project? Coe on and remember the character in real, that really carried these very colors that we were literally supposed to use in the said cap.
crocheted-caps crochet-cap-plan crochet-made-cap

One more thing very nice about this crocheted cap is the certain design that not only covers the head of the baby but also the ears as well. So this makes it more protective like after putting on this nice Mickey Mouse cap your baby is going to be totally safe from the cold and in extreme weather conditions.
crocheted-cap crochet-cap-idea

We see a very simple stitch pattern is applied in this baby cap, the crafter has opted this certain cartoon character just keeping in view the fact that what could be the biggest charm for a very young kid. The binding strap is also crocheted with the same thread shades, there could have been a differently colored strap but that certainly would have harmed the basic concept behind the knitted project, that very cartoon character that is probably the main theme of this cap.

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