30 Shinning Crocheted Hats & Caps


Ever since I have started giving the detailed demonstrational links along with the knitting projects, ladies are really appreciating and admiring me and believe me I am really enjoying this. This is a very strange and awesome feeling when I hear ladies saying that yes I really liked it and found it to be pretty useful. This is also a very convincing thought when we present some certain knitting pattern along with all the desired details and this makes it even easier for the fellow crocheters to try out that certain crochet project, same is going to be the case with these 30 shining crocheted hats and caps.


From a distant look all of these crocheted hats just look like some very fascinating caricatures, but I guess these hats are designed and shaped like this just to lure the kids as they are very much obsessed with such patterns.

I decided against putting my shop in vacation mode and instead just extending my shipping time to 3-4 weeks. I now have 3 Christmas orders, so really happy I decided that! But you would not believe how many people still think they can order for Halloween! I declined 5 orders just today, and 1 lady wanted one by the 21st! I honestly don’t think anyone reads the shipping time.  Brooke Rabideau

Here is another whole wide range of the crocheted hats. Again we see those cartoon characters being shown in the form of some fine crochet work here. This is the most typical pattern that is used widely in all continents more or less. And this has always been something very close to the kids heart.

I made all these (suppose to be monster hats) for my sons 1st bday. They are the party favors for the kids, (cousins, friends kids) . I made one for every single persons kids we always invite to stuff. There’s 24, turns out I’ll only need 10 or so but I didn’t want to rush making them incase most showed up . This is for his Cali party,I will use the rest for his Nevada party. No patterns, everything was free hand. Yolanda Herrera

I remember my childhood days when we used to wait for the Santa clause to bring us some awesome gifts and presents. And this one right here seems to be one brought from the same personality, and it has got all those charming colors that remind us of those good days of celebration.

Santa hats i made last year… The first baby is my son that is know 2 years old.  Daniela Peixoto

And what would you say about this certain pattern that we have brought you right here? Well, it has got a very superb color combination that makes it look even better. Stitch pattern also seem pretty handy, for some further details refer to the link given right below here.

Mistletoe color pooling. Love mistletoe although it’s difficult to keep a good tension on this yarn, well it was for me.  Susan Wilkes-Baker


Just finished this chunky bobble hat for a good friend x. Sally Johnson


Granddaughter wants to be Maleficent for Halloween. This is part of her costume. I got the horn pattern from Dragon bird creations. Sassy Crochet


A hat I whipped up for my daughter ❤️
I used charisma super bulky yarn and a faux fur pompom ?  Aimee Bee


My little girls in their new knitted Lacy Waves Hats. Tatsiana Matsiuk


Created & Shared by:  Noor Aes


Created & Shared by:  Theresa Mcguigan


A hat I made this morning. My 3 year old loves cars, so I made this. ? Pretty happy with the big puffy clouds I made for it.  Amber Dawn Riley


I finished this hat today. I LOVE it’s deep purple color.  Chanelle Jones


One more order ready this is going to São Paulo  Tereza Crochê


Created & Shared by:  Emily Woodward


I made my daughter a ‘Belle’ hat for her Halloween costume (Snoopy’s sister)! I sort of made it up as I went along… a big first for me! My hubby has agreed to be Charlie Brown, I am going to be Lucy, and my other daughter is going to be Woodstock!  Sarah Robinson


I made this hat and I can’t for the life of me find the pattern!!! Anyone know what it is?!  Theresa Perry


Christmas crocheting has commenced. Hats for the twin great-grandbabies using Sweet Cakes by Premier. The pattern turned out kind of random and happy, like the babies.  Dianne Palmer Eason


Hat for my bff son who is having his mickey mouse clubhouse 2nd bday party today! What do u guys think?  Nicole Tibbetts


Created & Shared by:  Sheila Nelson


Just finished this in time for Fall. First time using Caron Cakes-Cookies and Cream.  Maria Hernandez Garza


My first attempt at a hat that’s not for a baby! Bobble needs to be bigger and hat is way too big for my 3 year old but never mind! Might fit him by Christmas next year!! Apologies for his mucky face!  Emma Hill


Just finished this hat for my friend’s daughters 1st birthday. I hope she likes it! Baby Belle pattern by Melissa Mall on Ravelry.  Renee Rasmussen


Today while my oldest cutie was in school, I used Sarah’s headphones hat pattern and whipped this up. He obviously loves it! ?  Jordan T Hodgin


Finished it! It’s not perfect but oh well! I like it!  Adrian Larson


Created & Shared by:  Barbara Toso


I made some newborn fall themed hats to donate to Morris hospital.
Next project to donate to the hospital will be Xmas hats.  Debbie Calvert


Wow…… Pretty Pink Elsa Cap Is Ready For A Little Princess To Wear!!  Designers Crochet


Here’re some scrap yarn hats I’ve crocheted in the past months.  Sari Siutti


Halloween came early to my local hospital. I make most of the hats for all the newborns and was asked if I could make Halloween ones for the October babies!  Detra Braymen


Created & Shared by:  Sarah Babel