Stunning Design Ideas for Crocheted Blankets


It is an amazing task to turn things into useful things just like yarns can be turned into the products that a person can use to stay warm and cozy in the winter season. The knitted items look nice when they are used for fulfilling the bedding requirement and to look stylish because every style can be crocheted utilizing the yarns. There is no limit of crocheting the things which works perfect in the cold weather to provide the required warmth just like the crocheted socks, the dresses for the babies and adults. Here we have gathered some stunning design ideas for crocheting blankets.

Stunning Design Ideas for Crocheted Blankets

Let’s begin with the idea for the baby because they require warmth more than the adults and the products for them should be soft just like their skin. The color combination for the baby blanket is dark and sober, which is perfect for the winters.

crochet blanket ideas 13
Crocheted & Shared by:  Sally Johnson

Now here is the funky combination for those who love colors and want to make their kid’s room colorful, not just the furniture of funky color can be placed for adding the color to the room; but this idea of crocheting blanket is also awesome.

crochet blanket ideas 3
Just finished my new Afghan granny square blanket. Hope you all like it. Good evening from London!!  Chrisoula Charalambides

Everyone can easily judge than this idea is for boys because it is crocheted keeping in mind the boys cartoon theme, you can see the Spiderman, superman and Ben 10 crocheted on the blanket. This idea will be loved by a kid who is crazy for the cartoons, so it can be copied to make the son happy.

crochet blanket ideas 23
Crocheted & Shared by:  Betty Colyer

Now come to the idea for the adult’s bedroom, the idea is unique with the unique color combination which can also be used as a bedspread. There is no restriction of copying this idea for crocheting blanket as the bedspread can also be crocheted with the same idea.

crochet blanket ideas 18
Crocheted & Shared by:  Cory De La Rosa

The combination for those who like to wear dark colored costumes in the winter season, the base of the crocheted blanket is black and the square boxes crocheted over it are colorful. The base is separating the boxes from each other and making them appear prominently.

crochet blanket ideas 11
Âpres plusieurs mois de travail, ma couverture patchwork 200 x 240 cm est enfin finie ou presque ( encore quelques fils à arrêter et la bordure de finition….  Mireille Cerea

This is a square shaped blanket idea with the square of different sizes crocheted on it; you can see how the yarns of different colors are used for crocheting this idea. There are many colors in the blanket and not a single color is repeated, various shades of same color are used for crocheting it.

crochet blanket ideas 9
One more just a big granny square!!!  Cathie Middleton

This is another square shaped blanket idea with the squares crocheted, but this one is a bit different from the previous idea. The crocheting pattern used for crocheting this idea is different, the colors used in it are dark and sober due to which it can be crocheted for an adult.

crochet blanket ideas 21
Just finished virus pattern 72×82. Took about 3 wks.  Sherri Petrik

The lining design crocheted blanket is presented here, which is looking amazing and this design look awesome if crocheted as bedspread as well as a blanket. The starting and ending color scheme is same with the center color scheme totally different and dark in color.

crochet blanket ideas 22
Crocheted & Shared by:  Kristi West

It is not always necessary to use yarns of many colors to make the blanket look awesome, as you can see that the combination of 2 contracts colors also crochet blanket that looks nice. This size is for the single bed and it can be crocheted in big size for the double bed.

crochet blanket ideas 5
The blanket i have just finished for my father. he was asked. wot do you want for Christmas. he says knit me a blanket.  Elaine M Perkins

Here is an idea for the newborn and the combination is outstanding, not much people like to use the dark colored yarns to crochet blanket for baby. But it looks different and unique, so it is an idea for those who love to look unique.

crochet blanket ideas 12
Crocheted & Shared by:  Michelle Buchanan

The game themed crochet blankets are perfect for the kids, it is a puzzle theme blanket that you can see how it looks when spread on the bed. It is good to crochet if the wall paint color is light because it is perfect to add color to the room.

crochet blanket ideas 16
This isn’t new.. this was my first blanket and first project that I ever did ,about 2 years ago I made this Autisum awareness puzzle blanket. Took me about about 4 to 5 months to completed it.  Sabrina Cook

Sea themed blanket idea, the light colored crocheted blanket is a good idea for the elderly individual bedroom. The light colored bedspread and blanket makes the room look spacious even if it is not, so it can be crocheted for the room which is small in size.

crochet blanket ideas 10
Just finished this blanket today.  Amy Nicole Chenoweth

An attractive combination, the use of 4 different contrast colors is making the blanket look awesome. There are many yarn colors available, but the main task is to use the contrast color that looks amazing with each other. The blanket contains dark and light colors, which are giving it a unique look.

crochet blanket ideas 19
The blanket I made for my mom.  Bella Mceuin

There are many designs to crochet blanket for the cold season, here is the lining design with the sides of same color combination and the color combination in the middle is totally different; which is making this idea unique. You can see many colors in the blanket, but all are looking awesome when combined in a single piece.

crochet blanket ideas 20
Finished up last night. January is on the right. I used a moss stitch, it is about 5′ wide and just over 7′ long perfect as an extra cover on a queen bed snuggling with my dh watching a movie.  Pam LaPorte

The idea presented here is great because it is making every color look prominently, you can see the border with another design and the center of the blanket is crocheted with another design. The creation of the border has given the perfect finishing to the blanket.

crochet blanket ideas 15
Not crochet but a type of crochet, Tunisian crochet made for my daughter-in-law.  Tammy Bufford-Ledgerwood

From the stunning ideas for blanket crocheting, here is an outstanding idea for the king size bed. The yarn colors selected are perfect for the room which is not too big in size because the use of light colors for the decoration of a small room makes it look bigger than its actual size.

crochet blanket ideas 1
Crocheted & Shared by:  Jeanette V. DeKock

This idea is for those who love to have innovatively designed things in their room, a large number of yarn colors are utilized to crochet this blanket idea. You can use as many yarn colors as you want and you can add any color according to your taste.

crochet blanket ideas 17
Finally finished my c2c for king size bed, out of mostly scraps.  Niki Fogle

As said earlier, sober colors are perfect for the adults and the colorful crocheting blanket should be knitted for the kid’s room. The combination of 2 light and 1 dark color is looking amazing; it is for those who love to have rare looking items in the room to make it look inspiring. So, try this crocheting idea to make the room look attractive.

crochet blanket ideas 4
No pattern, just double crochet with two rows of single crochet for border.  Carolyn Watson


crochet blanket ideas 2
Finally remembered to take a pic. My completed c2c for my little sisters Christmas gift. Its so heavy and snuggly. Its much more vivid in natural light.  Liz Mckellar


crochet blanket ideas 6
Crocheted & Shared by:  Kellie Bron


crochet blanket ideas 7
Crocheted & Shared by:  Li Ya AndCo


crochet blanket ideas 8

crochet blanket ideas 8 - 4

crochet blanket ideas 8 - 3

crochet blanket ideas 8 - 2
Above 4 Crocheted & Shared by:  Cathie Middleton


crochet blanket ideas 14
Crocheted & Shared by:  Janice Clarke