The winter season is on its way and it will be there in almost a month or two, so it anyone likes to crochet the items to enjoy the winter season while wrapping him/herself and the kids in the handmade crocheted items should start crocheting now. Here we are with some awesome crocheting ideas for crocheted ponchos and cardigans, which you may love to copy. These are great to be created for the use in winters to avoid buying the items from the market because it is not always possible to get the design in person’s mind.

Awesome Design Ideas for Crocheted Ponchos And Cardigans

Let us start with a colorful poncho idea which is not hard to copy and it can be used to wear on a shirt of any color. It will look awesome with any colored pant and this will not take much time in completion.

crocheted poncho 4

Crocheted & Shared by: Jennifer Tetlock

The poncho design we have shown earlier is of dark color, but the one we are going to show here is created with the light colored yarns. It is perfect to make the person look sober and it is great to be copied to gift to a sophisticated friend.

crocheted poncho 2

Crocheted & Shared by: Minnie Valenzona Reagan

Now here is the colorful cardigan creating idea, it is awesome because many colors are utilized for crocheting it. The idea is awesome to be created to wear over any dress, it will work great in covering and keeping the back warm. This is not something for which a specific dress needs to be worn for wearing it.

crochet cardigan 8

The cardigan is finally done… It took me a lot more time than I planned I was hoping this could be done in a week but in the end it took me a month in total. I’ve worked on two projects last month that is why it took more time. Hope you’ll like it! Jane Green

The best thing about the idea shown here is its color combination, the inspiring crocheting idea of poncho presented is perfect to be created for the kid or for the adult because the combination will look great on both. This is easy to copy and the color can be replaced.

crocheted poncho 6

Crocheted & Shared by: Louisa Green

Have a look at the light colored poncho shown here and you will love to copy it because it will look great with the blue colored pants. The combination of colors used for this poncho is light, so the look will be obviously sober.

crocheted poncho 8

Crocheted & Shared by: Bea Couture

A white colored poncho with the dark colored neck is looking awesome, it is perfect to be gifted to the friend who likes to wear the crocheted items in the winter season. This idea can be copied for the daughter as well to keep her away from the cold breeze.

crocheted poncho 9

Crocheted & Shared by: Patricia Aravena Romero

Here is a little poncho for a little one, this idea is impressive for the little girls and they will also love wearing it. The girls are sophisticated and they love to wear the clothes of light color, so this is a good idea to keep them warm in something they like to wear.

crocheted poncho 3

Crocheted & Shared by: Ana Alvarenga

In the end, we would like to show another idea for the little one. See the appealing crocheting idea for creating a poncho with hat. The color contrast used for this idea is making it graceful as well as perfect for the baby girl. Copy it if you have a little one in home who needs to be protected in winters.

crocheted poncho 11

Crocheted & Shared by: Aninha Pereira


crochet cardigan 7

Mon cardigan est fraîchement terminé. Laine doublée . bien épais et bien chaud ! j’espère qu’il plaira à maman. Nath Alie


crochet cardigan 1

I finished my first cardigan! My mom and son were nice enough to model for different sizes. I’m so happy how this turned out! How much should I charge if I decided to sell it ? Tezra Martin


crochet cardigan 2

Voici mon cardigan terminé hier. Francine Gretz


crochet cardigan 3

I loved making this coat, I followed Nadia at Yarnutopia by Nadia on Youtube and am going to make a few more. Lorraine Hill-Duan


crochet cardigan 4

Circular cardigan I made for my granddaughter.


crochet cardigan 5

Crocheted & Shared by: Vanya Borges


crochet cardigan 6

Crocheted & Shared by: Nicole Masoudpour-Young


crocheted poncho 1

Crocheted & Shared by: Diedre Boggs Hightower


crocheted poncho 5

Crocheted & Shared by: Linda Tuman Kasprowicz


crocheted poncho 7

Crocheted & Shared by: Leesa M Cooper


crocheted poncho 10

Crocheted & Shared by: Patricia Aravena Romero


crocheted poncho 12

Crocheted & Shared by: Mona Frank Lenz