Brightful Design Ideas for Crochet Baby Blankets


Babies are soft, so everything which is used for them should be soft as well like the dress, shoes and the blanket. Nothing is better than crocheting baby blanket at home if anyone knows crocheting because the blanket made up of yarns is not hard in texture and it doesn’t damage the soft skin of babies. Not only the blanket, but the clothes and the shoes for the babies should be crocheted at home. We have collected the brightful design ideas and crochet baby blanket ideas for those who are going to have a baby; these are especially for the newborn.

Brightful Design Ideas for Crochet Baby Blankets

There are some colors that look good for the boys while others look perfect for the girls, but this baby blanket crocheting idea is perfect for both genders. It is a good idea to crochet this design with the same color combination if the gender of the newcomer is not confirmed.

crocheted baby blanket 19
I’m from Scotland and love my crochet. This is my last make.  Catherine Gray

Now here is the design idea which is great for the baby girl, there is no necessity of crocheting baby blanket for the newborn as this idea can be used for crocheting the blanket for kids above than the age of 2 years. It is nice for the girls because of the floral pattern.

crocheted baby blanket 7
Made with love and patience for my beautiful niece.  Mona Al-Masri

Kids love to have the items in their room which are cartoon themed, so it is a great idea to keep them happy by crocheting a blanket with the cartoons on it which is not a difficult task for those who know the technique of crocheting.

crocheted baby blanket 10
I made this for my son he love’s it!  Azucena Vargas Marth

Have a look at the teddy bear design baby crochet blanket, it is looking sober due to which it is good for the newborn. The size is small and perfect for the baby just a few months old; the crocheted items keep the babies warm.

crocheted baby blanket 5
Crocheted & Shared by: >>  Michelle Reynolds

Here is another sober combination baby blanket that works well in fulfilling the wrapping need of the baby, the babies require warmth more than the adults; so one should not ignore crocheting blanket for them before they come into the world if they are going to come in the winter season.

crocheted baby blanket 3
Crocheted & Shared by:  Nicky Pezzolato

Amazing combination for the babies, light colors look amazing on the babies. Pink and floral pattern doesn’t always mean that it is for the girls, it can be used for the boy as well because everything suit on babies. Flowers are adding grace to the design.

crocheted baby blanket 8
My latest little makes baby blankets.  Nicky Pezzolato

Here is an idea with the white base and colorful flowers, if a person is going to crochet baby blanket for the girl; then the pink and orange shaded yarns will be perfect. For boys, the yarns of blue and green will look outstanding. Different color of each flower is also a good idea.

crocheted baby blanket 9
Made this blanket for my sister. It represents the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren birthstones, in order of their birth. Leisure Arts Rose without the final 6 rows. It’s really big without them.  Judy Elvira

The gray colored base with the multi-color circles on it is looking unique. Learning the crocheting blanket technique is not hard; one can learn it to crochet the things for the babies to keep them safe from the cold season by providing them the warmth required through the crocheted blanket and other items including the socks and dress.

crocheted baby blanket 4
Finally finished my blanket to go over the back of my couch, what do you think of the colours.  Maxine Greenwood


crocheted baby blanket 1
I don’t often post stuff that I’ve made, but I’m rather chuffed with this baby blanket that I’ve made for our niece in Australia – and wondering how much the postage is going to be !  Geraldine Scott


crocheted baby blanket 2
Catherine Wheel stitch baby blanket for my nephew…in Hawks colors of course!  Puddin Nixon


crocheted baby blanket 6
Crocheted & Shared by:  Iris Grübel


crocheted baby blanket 11
Crocheted & Shared by:  Heather Anne


crocheted baby blanket 12
Crocheted & Shared by:  Hooked and Handmade


crocheted baby blanket 13
Finished… Birthday gift for amazing little girl …  Layali Al-zaher


crocheted baby blanket 14
Turns out a single Caron Cake makes an excellent newborn blanket size. Done using C2C stitches, guesstimated the number of increase rows based on the colours. Modelled for comfort by my fur baby Elliot.  Sarah Pinke


crocheted baby blanket 15
Finally finished this for my son in law he was wrapped with it.  Maree Giles


crocheted baby blanket 16
Crocheted & Shared by:  Tânia Soares


crocheted baby blanket 17
Crocheted & Shared by:  nerina.erasmus


crocheted baby blanket 18
Just finished arrow stitch blanket for my niece last night. Easy and improvised a bit to give it my own version.  Faye Dalrymple


crocheted baby blanket 20
Crocheted & Shared by:  Debra Pamenter