Enhance Your Bed Look with Crocheted Blankets


Some people want everything unique in their home because they love to stand out from the crowd when it comes to the home decoration, there are many items which a person can make with hand to adorn the home well and crocheting blankets is one of them. There are unlimited designs and multiple patterns to crochet blankets, we are going to show you the ideas with which the blankets can be crocheted to enhance the beauty of the room. There is no need to go to the market and waste time in searching the blanket with color and design suiting the decoration when you can crochet it at home.

Enhance Your Bed Look with Crocheted Blankets

Let us start with the for the girls, the blanket is crocheted with the Disney princesses on it. The blanket is looking amazing and the idea is adorable. There are multiple boxes and the big box in the center of the blanket contains the castle.

crochet blanket idea 18
I am so proud to show that I finally finished the Princess CAL! This is the largest crochet project I have ever done. My 8 year old granddaughter is thrilled (although she is getting over a nasty virus so is not looking her best here). This was also my first ever 2c2 graph project so I’m quite proud of myself! The hardest part was that large castle, it took forever and had so many ends to weave in, but it was a labor of love, so I hope you all like it!  Karen Batt Horvath

Now here is a multi-colored round blanket, the hexagonal shaped boxes all over the blanket are looking great. The blanket is crocheted with attention to detail which can be seen in the outstanding work done by its creator.

crochet blanket idea 16
I finished my 2nd Carousel today 🙂 this one in Stylecraft…LOVE the yarn, wish it was easier to access in SA! Colours much sharper n brighter than the Elle family knit I used for the first one; Stylecraft is finer n softer too…I am a fan!!!  Charmaine Goddard

This is also a good idea of crocheting blanket, different patches of clothes are crocheted on a single big piece through crocheting. It is an amazing idea if someone has different clothes available at home which are of no use, they can be used in this way which fulfills the need of a blanket as well.

crochet blanket idea 2
Made this last year..I call it my crochet quilt,so I’m working on one now to give to my granddaughter…  Barbara Camp

This is a sober idea, which can be copied for an adult’s room. The sober colors look perfect when it’s the matter of adorning the room of an adult, funky colors are better for the kids because their room should be lively that can be done by choosing bright colors for their room.

crochet blanket idea 6
Crocheted & Shared by:  Charmaine Greyling

Here is a floral design crocheted idea for blanket, 4 different colors of yarns are used to create it and 2 shades of same color are making it look appealing. It is crocheted for a single bed; the size can be increased if a person wants to crochet for a couple.

crochet blanket idea 20
Crocheted & Shared by:  Jessica Liebau

Black and white is the best combination, especially when it comes to the setting of a room. You can see how amazing the blanket is looking and it is adding grace to the entire room. It is suiting with the wall color and the furniture placed in the room.

crochet blanket idea 9
Ripple-stitched blanket. I tried to interpret this beautiful pattern in a modern way. I hope you like it .  Iris Grübel

A multi colored blanket with the black border is good to be crocheted if there is a requirement of blanket for the baby daughter. The mixture of light and dark colors is making the blanket awesome and it will surely make the bed as well as room eye-catching.

crochet blanket idea 1
Crocheted & Shared by:  Diane McMullan Staffa

In the end, we would like to present the blanket with lining pattern. The yarn colors selected are complementing each other, the selection of colors is important if a person wants to adorn the room in a unique way. Unique combination of colors helps in giving an attractive look to the bed and the room, so copy any of the idea shown and make the area look appealing.

crochet blanket idea 3 - 2

crochet blanket idea 3
Waffle Stitch blankets I made with 6 Sweet Rolls (Frosty) and 4 Caron Cakes (Rainbow Sprinkles). Chained 162 used 5.5mm hook .  Ellen Puhek Adcock


crochet blanket idea 4
Crocheted & Shared by:  Jenny Brame


crochet blanket idea 5
Me and cat very happy with result of finished Mandala Blanket.  Kajsa Hübinette


crochet blanket idea 7
I stopped knitting for a while in favour of other hobbies but when I got the urge to knit again I happened to discover the Hue Shift Blanket. Since then I have made several, including a sparkly blinged up christmas version, baby colours etc.  Libbeth Dougherty


crochet blanket idea 8
Après plusieurs mois de travail voilà le résultat.  Peggy Rosier


crochet blanket idea 10
My first blanket. C2C with Caron Simply Soft yarn. Used double strand on the yarn so it would be heavier/warmer.  Courtney Warnock


crochet blanket idea 11
Crocheted & Shared by:  Gaye Notsobionic Brown


crochet blanket idea 12
Crocheted & Shared by:  Faith Betcher Ruehle


crochet blanket idea 13
Finally finished another project! There was not enough room to unfold the corners….sorry!!! I used my nephew so that you could see the size of the blanket better!! I really love the C2C method, hopefully I can learn a new pattern really soon!!  Cotisha White


crochet blanket idea 14
I recently posted a picture of my first bed blanket I made, and this is my second blanket. It is not as heavy as my first (which was ‘double strand’) so perfect for the ‘not-so-cold’ nights, I made this one using Extra Special Stylecraft Yarn in DK and I made simple granny squares but to make them slightly more dense I didn’t chain 1 in between the clusters. I love how using simple patterns can still create something pretty unique. In love with this colour combination Hope you’ll like it.  Sabina Marshall


crochet blanket idea 15
Using the stitches I loved from the CAL to extend my mothers blanket. The squares were made by my great aunt around 100 years ago. The original plain border was in very poor condition, so it was removed. Some of the wool from the original border was incorporated into the new border. Some of the squares also required repair. EDIT: It has all been done with 4ply and a 2.25mm hook.  Liz Goodall


crochet blanket idea 17
Very easy but time consuming. Its a simple granny square just big enough to be a blanket. I used 2 skiens of each color to complete. I’m in love but I probably won’t be doing another one anytime soon as it takes awhile to do.  Christina Linebarger


crochet blanket idea 19
I have finally finished my labor of love over the last 6 months- a blanket for my husband in colors of his choosing. It is bigger than our queen sized guest bed and he is so happy with it.  Jessica Miller McCune


crochet blanket idea 21
My carousel cal is complete!  Chandrika Mathur