Admiring Designs for Crocheted Scarves


I can still remember the good past days when we initiated this platform with an intention to bring the ladies diverse crochet ideas and at very that day we pledged that we are not at all going to resort to the old fashioned and typical crochet creations. So we have strived to make this platform a single forum where multiple crocheted art crafts are presented on the same place. Some of them consist of mere inspirations while most of them come with detailed demonstrations. Today we have brought you the admiring designs that are meant for the crocheted scarves.


From the thread shades and also the stitch pattern, this can easily be said that this would be an ideal accessory that women could carry with all of the dresses rather formal or casual. The stitch application seems pretty confusing but nothing to worry about, all the pattern and technicalities are elaborated in detail.

My first Christmas present is complete! I couldn’t get Red Heart Super Saver Blacklight to pool with the moss stitch so I simply hdc in back loops only for the scarf (26 stitches wide). Now about 10 more scarves to complete (hopefully the rest of the variegated colored yarn I have picked up will color pool). — feeling excited.  Katie Moore

This one rather seems fancier and bit formal too. But without any condition this could be carried casually as well. Simple thick double stitch pattern is applied throughout the crochet project and as far as the color is concerned, this is almost loved by all the ladies.

keyhole scarf for my 7 yr old daughter. Not perfect, as you can see, but hope she loves it.  Carolyn Kelsey

This one would certainly remind you of the famous movie character harry potter, how many of you have seen the movie? Well, the idea of this one is certainly picked from the lead character of the movie and would look quite amazing and casual. Be gutsy enough to follow that style.

My Harry Potter Gryffindor scarf for my best friend for Christmas! I’m so happy with how it turned out!  Annie Harvey

And in the end the scarf presented here is much wider than the usual ones. The touch of the lighter shade along with the darker one has given a massively artistic touch to the scarf. Well, you could get stuck with the stitch pattern until and unless you do not have the proper guidelines.

Made this scarf in 2 days  Sara Abdulla


Neckerchief scarf for my youngest.  Gemma-louise Flood


Here is my first finished project since getting back into crocheting. I’m still only a beginner but I want to thank Sarah-Jayne for the tutorials. Here is my shell stitch scarf in Stylecraft Cabaret Rainbow with pompom border.  Kate Parsons


Well my scarf didnt win a prize but i still reckon it’s great.  Laura Wadsley


Made 4 of these! They work up so easy!  Ricki Rekow


Made these neckwarmers with combo of other patterns.  Annemarie Lyle Bourke


Finished my second scarf in the granite / moss stitch over the weekend. I used Papatya Batik Silver in the colour ‘Oase’ for this one, and finished it with a border of picot stitches.  Charissa Hoogendoorn



Good morning I made this flower scarves, hope you like them.  Amara Corona


Finished my scarf stylecraft cabaret i just loooove this yarn.  Claudia Brown


Shared & Crocheted by:  Joanne Pearson


My latest scarf that I finished today.  Danielle Fitton


Made this for my son.. He LOVES it.. Sherry Sandoval


I made this for my great grand daughter to wear on a holiday in the snow. Do you like my model? A touch light in our spare bedroom.  Dalry Sauer


First project with Sweet Roll and I am in love with this yarn!  Linda McDowell Rhodes


Just finished this one. Beautiful colors.  Tanya Pratt-Dubois


My latest make… a stepping hat to match my Bella Coco infinity scarf. Do people think my pom pom should be larger?! I think it might need to be!  Becci Man