Parents love their kids and they want to keep them safe in every way, winter is one of the things from which the parents want to keep their kids protected because they can make them sick due to the cold breeze. So, there are many ways through which the parents can keep their kids safe from the cold wind and one of them is crocheting the things to wear. It also eliminates the need of buying the expensive things from the stores to keep the kids protected. Here are some stunning crocheting ideas and patterns for kids from which you can choose to copy.

Stunning Free Crochet Patterns For Kids

First of all, we would like to show you an item which covers the whole body of a kid. See the knot sweater of light orange color and it is looking nice, it will make the girl look awesome in the winter season.

Child’s Friendship Knot Sweater

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Stunning Designs for Crocheted Baby Girl Dresses

See the amazing shell tee pattern which you can create by viewing the link given below. The yarns of sophisticated colors are utilized for crocheting this good looking thing to wear to keep the body protected from the cold breeze which can make the kid ill.

Ribbed Shell Tee

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Now here is the blanket for the little one, which one can use for wrapping the baby or it can be crocheted in a large size for a kid who is 10-years-old. The white base with the multi colors are looking amazing and this idea will look perfect if copied as a table cloth as well.

bright and bulky bernat blanket

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Babies look lovely in everything they wear, but here we have a cute hat idea which will make the baby look attractive. Copy this crochet idea if you are going to give birth to a baby girl because this will make her look appealing.

Darling Baby Hat

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We have presented another great idea for creating something to keep the little ones protected from the cold breeze, if a new member is going to enter in your family this winter; then copying this inspiring crocheting idea for creating booties is perfect. This will surely keep the baby safe in winter season.

Two-Color Baby Booties

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DIY Motive Ideas for Crochet Baby Shoes

The idea of creating the mermaid cocoon for the baby is not hard and the link to create this pattern is given below which will make it easy to copy this idea. This is perfect to cover the whole body of the baby to keep him/her warm in the cold weather.


For DIY Pattern Details >> bhookedcrochet

If anyone of you wants a special looking item for the kid, then this puppet scarf is amazing because it will not only cover the neck of the kid, but the hands as well which are necessary to be kept covered to avoid the cold wind touch the skin.

Hand Puppet Scarf

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Here is another idea for crocheting the blanket for the kid, the yarn colors used for creating this are completing each other. The colors can be altered according to the demand of the creator and according to the gender of the baby as well because pink shades are for girls and blue ones are for boys.

Pink Daisy Crocheted Baby Blanket

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Little Prince Afghan

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Two-Color Ripple Waves Baby Blanket

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Cozy Toes Crochet Booties

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Roses Baby Blanket

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Baby Sandal Crochet Pattern

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Ruffled Baby Blanket

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