40 Eye Catching Crochet Baby Dresses & Sets


In the market oriented present boxes and gifts we find a lot of attraction and we just get ready to buy them no matter how expensive they are. But there is another angle which is more realistic and must be analyzed that just in the names of some certain brands and huge names we are just being exploited very badly like we are buying the things against huge amounts and they are actually not worth it. Same is the case with the baby dresses and especially prepared sets. I would urge you to switch from those damn expensive dresses and try these crocheted eye catching crochet baby dresses and sets.


As we promised you earlier that we are not going to leave you alone in the pursuance of this awesome art we call crochet. This is a very cute sort of baby dress or set which is a very comprehensive range in perspective of the newly born kids.

Created & Shared by: JS Tejidos Artesanales

This one reminds me of the furry white dresses that are usually worn in extreme cold and snowy areas. They are best known as a medium of protection from that freezing cold, and they become more special when they are knitted with hands.

Created & Shared by:  Theresa Mcguigan

This casual top would just look awesome if your baby is carrying it on some light or dark toned blue jeans, not only the top but the boots and hat, like it has got all the stuff that is needed. So you must refer to this one this winter season.

Thought I would share this, just finished for a brand new baby girl.  Nicola Huke-Gibbs

While this one seems to be one of the most typical crocheted baby sets. We see one single crochet thread is used here throughout the entire crochet project. Well, this is an even better thing and would make your job even easier.

Just finished this project, it was originally just sweater and pants set but the customer wanted a beanie and shoes as well. Kind of liked how it turned out.  Maria Ontiveros


Created & Shared by:  Marie-helene Lavoie


Minion set for born baby boys in two different ways..  Aluri Falguni


Completed yesterday sets for born baby.. on order .  Aluri Falguni


My own pattern.  please message me for pattern details of interested. I will work on the pattern this weekend.  Jeni Presta


Put my 4 week old in the set I crocheted. JUST fits, he has grown so much already.  Amie-Leigh Jones


Ok finally done after changing eyes cause no one liked them. So there is a sweater vest. Pants with face on it but goes in back and the slippers or shoes.  Barbara Marsh Wheeler


Girl set – made it for my friend’s daughter..
Pineapple pattern… I ‘ve done it in 2 days.  Dayang Adzra Awang Noh


frock, bonnet and booties for 3-6 months old baby.  Srini Crafts


Completed this multi colour baby full sweater with cap & booties from 10 n 9 no. knitting needles.  Art and Craft from Manju


Created & Shared by:  Ovi’s Craftstudio


A little set I made for my friend who is expecting a boy in November.  Veronika Cromwell


Completed a baby cardigan and booties.  Shakila Banu


Created & Shared by:  Randi Childress Hicks


My baby girl in the dress, Cardigan and headband I made her,
Dress and headband is crocheted, Cardigan is knitted.
For dress I just measured under her arms and chained to that length and then sc ( single crochet) until I hit body length and then 3 dbc ( double crochet) in each stitch for one round and then dbc ( double crochet) until I got length,
For straps sc ( single crochet) for 3 rows until u hit length and attach on shoulders.
Headband is 2 rows sc (single crochet) and 1 row dbc (double crochet) and finish off with 2 rows sc ( single crochet). Shaz Murray Connell


Created & Shared by:  Guddi Rani Sharma


Just completed another layette… This time for my neighbors’ baby girl!  Ola Oertel Brock


Created & Shared by:
Created & Shared by:  Aluri Falguni


Ring around a rosie with a little hat to match.  Babs McGinlay


Created & Shared by:  Jodie Loya


Created & Shared by:  Ovi’s Craftstudio


My gorgeous granddaughter Rosie in the sleep sack I crocheted for her.  Sharon Casey


Just finished my first dress. The rabbits are pockets ;)!
The Pattern is in German and from Rasa Huple.  Angela Werner


Just finished this up this evening for my daughter.  Lexi Grimm Milonski


Created & Shared by:  Ashni Creations


Created & Shared by:  Eliane Souza


Created & Shared by:  Grace Duarte


Finally got around to do matching booties to go with hoodie for my great nephew..mittens i knitted a coyple of years ago.  Michelle Bannister


My recently finished makes using 4 ply wool along with 3.50mm hook.  Debbie Ann Fesel


Made this set for a good friend of mine.  Unmani R. Kulkarni


My first dress to crochet.  Costanza Di Crasto


has taken me just over a week to make this set 🙂 very happy with it.  Amy Davis


Thought I would share this, just finished for a brand new baby girl.  Sandy Pollard


Created & Shared by:  Samira EL Sharkawy


Created & Shared by:  Dioneia Pereira


Created & Shared by:  Ivone Peres Quanz


Made for a little girl,she should be here any day now.  Ivana Mautvicova