Cute Hooded Scarf for Kids


Hello pretty ladies, well, to me there is no exception for any out there. To me each one of you is so damn pretty especially the ones who read my articles regularly… just kidding. On a lighter note, I guess enough of practice work has been done where I have brought you all countless crochet ideas that fetched you a lot of expertise and acquaintance with multi dimensional and complicated crochet patterns. I think now this is the time for the application of all that learning actually. Let’s us try a cute hooded scarf for kids, I know your kids are just going to fall in love with it.


I know this one is going to be a slightly complicated crochet project, but trust me I have been compassionate enough to bring you all enough of the inspirations along with the detailed demonstrations. And this is the time to show your inner talent and your lust for this art.

Looking at the technicalities of this crocheted kids scarf, I am sure it is not going to be that much pretty hard for the ones who have regularly tried the ideas we brought them earlier on the same platform.

We find out that the same thread shades that has always been in the good books of the kids are again opted for this particular project. Although some larger amounts of the supplies were needed so this could be a little matter of concern. Just get ready for that.

Other than that we see almost the same stitch scheme throughout the project except on the bordering areas and ofcourse the frills that are an additional embellishment for sure. Its hoodie would be a total support in the extreme winter season. So this is a package of protection along with the style meant for your kids.

Created & Shared by: Beth Clarke‎, Pattern of: The Ulyne Unicorn Hooded Scarf